5 Reasons That Makes PUBG Mobile the Most Popular Game in India

When it comes to mobiles and computers, the younger generation quickly relates it to social media and games. You could find an array of social media and apps and even wider variety of games being downloaded and played on their phones, some of which are quiet addicting and would be known among a huge chunk of population.

When it comes to programming a game only a few countries top the list of which, India isn’t the one.

However, when it comes to playing those games, India seems to be among one of the top five nations with over 222 million of users spending approximately 50 minutes on their phones just to play games! And this isn’t we saying it out of mere assumption, it’s the result of a survey by a leading mobile video advertising platform, POKKT. These were the results from 2017 and the numbers don’t seem to stop there, they are increasing with each passing day.

Nowadays, the new craze among the population is the mobile game PUBG (PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds). This is originally a PC game but was extended to mobile phones in March 2018 and from that day till this date the game fever hasn’t cooled down. If anything, it is becoming more and more popular. And since, it is available on mobile devices, 73% of the population play it on their phones.

The question here would be, “why is this particular game taking over the market so quickly and holds the interest of its users all the time?” because most of the times what we see is that a new game comes in and soon enough the users get tired of it and jump to some other games.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1.The New Concept

The Battle Royale games concept was not common among the Indian gamers and the makers of PUBG used this fact to their advantage by releasing it early to avoid competition. This worked for them as it was the first game of its kind made available when Fortnite wasn’t yet available on Google Play store. The easy access and the novelty of the idea is what has the players hooked onto it.

2. Visuals and Graphics

Most of the games of this kind are only available on PC’s and not mobiles which can be difficult to access for people who want entertainment on the go and in their short free times. PUBG by releasing a mobile version solved this problem. Smartphones aren’t new these days as well; almost everyone has one on them most of the times. To add on to this, the introduction of Jio 4G network made it even more easier by providing data at cheaper costs than other network service providers.

3.Easily Accessible

The making of PUBG is in such a way you feel as if you are in a real battleground with real enemies after you. The weapons and locations seem to be inspired by real-life.

4. Regular Updates with New Content

Most of the times, the reason why a person will get tired of the game is because of the repetitive content and the challenges are also not very intriguing. PUBG again tackles this problem by updating their content on regular basis by providing new weapons, new clothing and accessories for the character and locations as well. Not to forget the three-month season system avoiding that boredom creeping in after playing the game for a while.

5. A Gaming Family

A huge mass of people seem to be the fans of this game and that’s why not even a year has passed since PUBG came into market and you already have communities being made and people sharing tricks, techniques, strategies that will help improve your gameplay which in turn makes the players feel as if they are a part of the game family.

All things said and done, it depends on the game makers to come up with strategies and ideas that will decide how long a game stays up among the population. So far, PUBG is doing a great job in achieving this target.

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