Android Q Features and Rumors: Everything We Know About Next Android 10

Android is the leading and preferable OS in every corner of the world. Google is now all set to introduce the next version of Android at Google I/O 2019 which is as of now named as Android Q, Android v10. As always, Google has rolled out the developer preview of Android Q that gives the slightest idea about the software, such as some of its features. (Check Top 12 Expected Features of Android Q) Details are quite unclear about this OS. But within a few weeks, it is assumed that people will know more clearly about this OS. As for now let’s see what we know about this next Android version so far.

There is so much talking going on about Android Q in the market. The early build released by XDA developers 2 months ago gives a general idea about the OS but lot more can change in the update. The general public is still contemplating about the OS because it is assumed a lot more can change in it before it’s gone on floor.

Developers have done so many changes in this OS. The small changes which are done in this upcoming version are notification can be cleared by a swipe on right. The other changes are setting icon are improved.

The change which should be appreciated by the user is that this new update has adopted a new approach for permission setting. In this new approach, the user has the ability to limit the app access to a particular setting. Like you can limit the access of your location, while the app in use.

This feature in this update is highly appreciated. As people are highly concerned about their privacy, this feature gives them something to get less worried.

The other changes included in this update are related to appearance. Android Q includes a dark mode and the interesting thing is it can be set by the timing of the day. This version is quite different from the earlier Android p dark screen which is only applicable to certain apps.

This update is quite promising as revealed by XDA developers because it is covering up all bad updates, block clipboard access in the background. It also improved background location access.

About the release date of the update, Google does all the research before releasing. The new update has already created hype in the market. About the releasing of Android, Q Google sticks to its previous schedule. Google will release the first developer beta of Android Q in March 2019. It will be available for the public in May 2019. It is quietly predictable of Google to release its major in the second half of the year. The release of android Q is most awaiting. Hopes are high among users from this update as this is providing something different from previous updates.

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