Why Social Media is the New Market

With a global total of 4.2 billion internet users and 3.2 active social media users as of January 2018, Social media is no longer a want but a need. It’s a significance that cannot be ignored especially in the business world. Whether you run a small shop or a multinational company social media is a treasure to your business.

Social media platforms will help build awareness about your brand and boost your sales. Online networking has made it easy to interact, learn about the latest trends and connect with your customers at the click of the button.

Here are some of the reasons why social media has become the new market:

Social media maintains brand loyalty.

According to a survey most businesses build loyal customers on social media. Social media users aged between 18 and 24 years are more loyal to products they follow on social media with the 25 and 35-year-olds are loyal to businesses they follow on Twitter Instagram and Facebook.

Users have also stated that they prefer buying products from businesses that are more active on social platforms. They believe that engaging with their clients is a sign of better service. Engagement with clients on social media gives a client the opportunity to ask questions about your brand and build trust.

Provides a platform for creating brand awareness.

As people spend more time on social media they also use these platforms to source products. The more than 60 million Facebook pages will ensure that your brand reaches millions of people. Statistics prove that almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. This creates the opportunity to reach that number of people with your brand.

YouTube has become the second most ranked social media platform according to a survey conducted by Alexa Technologies as of December 2018. Its followed by Facebook while Google is at the top. YouTube became the most searched question on google overtaking facebook which was most searched in an earlier survey of 2017. This proves that there are more social media users every day and an opportunity for your brand to reach these users.

Social marketing improves sales.

There is an increase in online purchases and bills payment with diverse online platforms that offer these services. The 18 to 34 years age group that has a high purchasing power is likely to buy products online with the influence of social media. Statistics show that strong economies like U.S.U.K, Germany, South Korea, And Sweden have the highest number of online purchases.

This is a testimony of the changing wave of social media marketing; It has the capability of becoming the world’s greatest economy. With social media, you reach people from all regions and walks of life hence increasing overall sales.

Social media allows you to target ideal customers.

Using Ads to run campaigns on your social media channels has the capability to target ideal buyers. Platforms such as Facebook will help you target these buyers with sophisticated targeting capabilities. This allows you to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Instagram is another platform that allows you to target ideal buyers. It’s inclusive of Carousel Ads that add layer depth campaigns where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos on your rand with a single swipe. The Collection Ads will help you to use your collection to inspire and help your audience to discover, browse and purchase products. However, a high number of Instagram followers and likes on your page is a sign of success and trust. If you are just starting out you can buy 1000 likes instant which will be a good boost to your products.

Social media marketing is cost-effective.

Most of your social media marketing success is based on the ability to and time spent on creating and publishing content. Having a conversation and engaging with your fans will also boost sales. This will help you cut costs since you do not need to pay much to create content introducing your brand.

Running paid Ads on facebook, twitter, Instagram is relatively cheap compared to other marketing strategies. Social media marketing is pocket-friendly no matter how small your budget is.

Your competition is on social media.

With the high number of social media users and products, there is another business on social media that is similar to your business. This means that social media users who are also your potential customers are also must have heard about your products.

This makes it easy for you to introduce your product to your potential customers since they already have an idea of what it entails. You only need to make sure your products are the best in the market and employ unique marketing strategies to woo customers to your page.

Social media marketing gives you an opportunity to gain new customer insights.

Social media marketing gives you a great opportunity to engage in conversation with your current and prior customers. This opportunity can help you to generate new ideas based on areas that your customers raised dissatisfaction.

You get to know what your customers want and what drives them. This allows customers to feel valued hence building a trustworthy relationship with your brand that will make them keep on coming back for more. A trustworthy relationship with your customers will give you a reliable clientele.

The voice listening feature in social media platform will allow you to listen to what your customers say about your products, therefore, allowing you to respond to their discontentment accordingly. Many top-notch digital marketing companies available that provide the best Social media services. Visit for more information about top digital marketing companies.

Final word

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses. You cannot ignore the impact that social media has on businesses today. Whether it’s from building brand loyalty to creating brand awareness, improving your sales or even gaining your customer’s insights.

Social media has proven success rates to market your brand and ensuring the steady growth of your products. Social media marketing accounts are also easy to manage to save you money and time. However, building a successful online marketing page for your branch requires patience and resilience. It is not a guarantee that you will get an immediate success rate.

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