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Far Cry New Dawn +20 Trainer Download

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest installment of Ubisoft’s popular Far Cry game series. It is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 with two new ruthless villain twin sisters Mickey and Lou who are the leaders of roving band of organized bandits. This first-person shooter action-adventure is an open world environment game just like its predecessors where you can explore the world freely on foot or via vehicles.

The game Far Cry New Dawn takes you to Hope Hope County, Montana which is destroyed by the Nuclear War we saw in Far Cry 5 which is also known as ‘the Collapse’. The poor survivors are trying to build their Montana again from the leftovers but this Twin Sisters led group named Highwaymen want to rule them and take back every last resources.

You can play here as any new character that can be customized easily to create a group of your own in battle against the Highwaymen with new weapons, co-op mode and lots more. Far Cry New Dawn has so much to offer you that will keep you stuck with your console for long time.

We have already shared Far Cry New Dawn Save Game file earlier, and now here is a +20 Trainer for the same. You can download this trainer and activate with your Far Cry New Dawn PC version that will offer so many interesting stuffs such as Unlimited health, stamina, oxygen, Ammo, Super Accuracy and more. Just download, extract, launch the trainer then launch your game and press F1 to activate the cheats. Now just use the numpads as shown in the image below for respective items.

Far Cry New Dawn Cheat Trainer[wpdm_package id=’25375′]

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