PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update Arriving on February 19

The news of new PUBG update is all over the market. People are craving about it more and more. It is stated by the maker that they will soon launch the new update of PUBG in a market on February 19 of this month. This new update has so much potential and it can give their user a chill down the spine. This update has lots of inside it, and it will give something interesting to their user. It is predicted that this new mode has a zombie feature in it. It is not yet confirmed because the information is leaked by ghost gaming. The release date of a new update can be changed as predicted by makers.

People knew somewhere in their mind about some feature as it is leaked in the previous update. Some of the feature other than zombie mode which was leaked are currency conversion and prime subscription are not included in this new update. Makers are taking their time and things to be slow before it reaches the market. Sources revealed that new weapons like G63C gun will also be included in a game, but not particularly in this update.

We all know that how PUBG won the heart of their fans. And hence, this new update is offering something exciting to their fans. This new update has a lot in their bag other than Zombie feature.

Let’s take a brief look at the new update feature. It is predicted by a maker that this update will include Takshoi and Sanhok map. As their fans are expecting more places from game to explore upon, so to make fans happy makers decided to included new places in the game. It is also assumed that there will be new snow area in Erangel map.

In this new update, PUBG is trying to fill the void of location among their user. They are supposed to include new dynamic weather in Miramar and Erangel map. This new update will allow you to replay your dead by offering new death cam feature. Zombie feature of this update is the talk of the town. They also included new weapons in this update which is M K 47 and Mutant Rifle. Weapons are something which makes their gamers exciting about the update.

This new update also included the laser sight for scanning the weapons which are the coolest feature. This update will include the coolest snow bike for Vikendi. New dance emotes are also assumed to be included in this update. Makers included classic voice in their new update. Other than including coolest feature, PUBG has removed some features from their beta version. Vikendi snow map has been removed from the beta version.

This update has already ruled out the beta version. The main thing which is the USP of this update is zombie mode. The players are excited about this new feature because it will put a whole new life in the game. This feature offers them lots of action and fun which makes the game entertaining. Apart from fun, it also challenges their player to check their survival instincts in the game. All and all this update is going to be super fun.

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