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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Samsung Galaxy M30 Over Rival Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Samsung is launching Galaxy M30 on February 27th and Xiaomi is launching Redmi Note 7 on February 28th/

Samsung became hype after launching its affordable Galaxy M series recently in India, including Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 which is something everybody is talking about because of its price range and specification. And now they are all set with the third phone of this series, named Galaxy M30. Like the other two, this phone is also impressive in specs and design but in budget price. Already Xiaomi has created a tough competition for others by launching their reasonable phones.

Samsung is giving its customer a huge February gift by launching its Galaxy M30 in India on February 27. They have already started its hashtags on social media, #IM3XPOWERED. They know very well how to allure their customer and young users. Almost everybody is now using social media, so they are also taking advantage of it.

With these launches, Samsung is openly giving competition to Xiaomi’s phones. It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy M30 will give direct challenge to Redmi Note 7 which is also launching in India the very next day on February 28th.

Now since Xiaomi has already ruled Indian market for past couple of months, and now they are unveiling yet another masterpiece with 48 Megapixel camera (Redmi Note 7), question is, Why should you buy Samsung Galaxy M30?

Well, we have the answer. It may not suite you best, but most of us. Here are top 5 reasons that will make you choose Samsung Galaxy M30 over Redmi Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy M30

The camera of the kind

Unlike other phones, Samsung is breaking the bars by giving the triple rear camera. Earlier too Samsung launches its galaxy A7 phone with triple rear cameras. But unlike that, the camera quality of this M series is better. Galaxy M30 is offering 13 Megapixel and two 5 Megapixel camera sensors.

Giant Battery

A long lasting battery in a phone is a basic need of a customer. Due to a hectic schedule, people need their phone to provide more talk time hours. Like their previous M series phone, Samsung in its new launch giving 5000 Mah battery. Earlier M series phone was bulky, so it’s a secret how this new launch is going to be.

Better performance

Samsung already assured their customer that this phone will give better performance to its users. Those who play games the phone is promising them a zero disturbance from the device. The phone has Exynos 7904 processor with 6 GB ram and 128 GB inbuilt storage.

Affordable price

It is heard from sources that this Samsung galaxy M30 is going to launch on a starting price of Rs 15000 in the Indian market. The company will also launch its flash sale like the other two M series phone.

Apart from all Samsung is trying to give best to their customer. The phone is all powered up with the best features and affordable price range. It could be the best pick to switch to Samsung.

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