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Huawei Mate X 5G Review: The Future of Smartphone Is Here

So many of us have seen the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and were expecting to touch the phone but only the big-gins at the event got the chance. Similar thing was expected at the launch event of Huawei’s launch event where they launched their first Foldable phone named Huawei Mate X. But surprisingly we got a chance to get hands on of this all new amazing foldable device with 5G support.

Pricing & Availability:

The price at which the smartphone will be available is €2,229 that is approximately $2605 or Rs. 1,85,200 and will be available in Interstellar Blue color starting from mid 2019 with 512GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. As of now the smartphone is having only single variant but it is expected to have other variants also in the coming future.

Design & Display:

The front screen of the smartphone is 6.6 inches which is in contrast to Samsung which has 4.6 inch of screen size. The phone has a back button which can be pressed and releasing it will result into a8-inch tablet.
If you turn the phone and its back screen than the size of the screen would be 6.4 inch that will be helpful in watching 21:9 movies, activating the smallest display and potentially saving battery.

Since the phone has OLED display therefore it saves battery. OLED display individual pixels can be fired up, with unused pixels remaining pitch black. This really helps in saving capital.

Huawei Mate X 5G Display

To the left of the rear screen, there is a vertical bar. This houses a lot of operational features such as triple camera, power button/fingerprint scanner combo, and at the base, the USB-C port for charging.

Moving parts are quite risky to have in a smartphone specially when it costs a lot. But this smartphone has endured 100,000 folds in lab-condition stress tests and the company has also shown its toughness. Another fear that we possess is its clasp and that’s also cleared to us by the company. the clasp is r for the requiredto flush fold at this stage, but perhaps in the next evolution of its proprietary Falcon Wing hinge system it’ll be able to lock in place clasp-free.

Camera & Photography:

Very little is known to us about the camera of the phone. We know that it has a triple camera setup. We were not allowed to use the camera app, but we could sense some tricks behind the actions performed. There is no front camera only, triple camera at the back. The rear camera doubles up as a viewfinder which will make taking selfies lot easier.This helps you to look at the preview prior someone is taking the photo.

The company is tight lipped about the phone’s camera maybe because there is something futuristic that they need to show at the launch event. And it is all possible that maybe Huawei doesn’t have the best suited camera.

Huawei Mate X 5G Camera
Subjects can see their image while capturing on Mate X.

Battery & Connectivity:

So, Huawei majorly talked about the battery of the smartphone. There is massive battery that sits at the heart of the phone. There are actually two batteries in phone which consist of total 4,500mAh. The screen size of the smartphone is more both in smartphone and tablet form hence will require more battery life. The phone is powered by Kirin 980 processor coupled with a Balong 5000 5G modem.

It charges the phone quickly as well as the download quality is very fast. It takes only three seconds to download 1GB movie. There’s also 512GB storage and support for Nano Memory, Huawei’s proprietary storage card that goes up to 256GB.


The smartphone works on its own Android version which is smart enough to fold and unfold itself. The conversion from tablet to phone and vice versa is done in milliseconds. We have on our own tested with the UI and all we say is that the UI of the smartphone is very smooth and user friendly.

EMUI, which the layer that sits on the top of its OS. It is the main reason for such a smooth experience. It also has quite a lot of new features such as split-screen multitasking and split-screen multitasking. The CEO said that the tablet would be accessorized with mouse and keyboard to provide maybe full desktop experience. That will make document editing easier.

Huawei Mate X 5G


All the predictions regarding the multiple OS are seems to be wild guess now. We have now another smartphone is market that is thinner, has a bigger screen, and folds flatter.

Say hello to a smartphone that you can easily convert from phone to tablet whenever you are reading something. You can pull it from your pocket and convert to tablet whenever required. The phone is incredibly thin and contains minimum bezels, what more you expect.

Of course, there are some fear with the specs of the phone but that will unveilonce the phone will be available for use. Everything comes with some pros and cons, so does this phone. Time will tell is it exactly what the company is telling.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was quite similar to V0 while this phone is similar to V1. The phone could fold inward and outward. These designs phone-tablet results into higher revenue at the companies end. Huawei Mate X is on upper edge in every term, be it battery, camera or other hardware specifications.

We have seen both the smartphones, and we could say Huawei Mate X looks more impressive both on paper and implementation wise. It also has a plus point as we have used the phone on our own, so we are not depended on numbers to say that. Huawei says that “maybe” the phone will be available to consumers around the middle of 2019. This will all depend on the “network deployment status” of 5G mobile networks.

So, are you excited for buying the Huawei Mate X? Do write in our comment section below telling us if you are liking these foldable mobile– tablet phones?

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