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Dead or Alive 6 Trainer Download

So, we have now got the 6th installment of this amazing 3D fighting game series named ‘Dead or Alive 6’  Team Ninja. It is now available for PlayStatio 4, Xbox One and PCs. If you have played any of the earlier game of this series, you will love this one because of its all new stunning graphics, multi-tiered stages along with new in-fight features such as slow-motion moments and visible damage on the fighters during the course of the fight.

It has much more to offer, like, now you can also customize your costumes, Special Move Gauge (Break Gauge), new dramatic strategic element, and a high-damage special move that knocks your opponents down.

Here is a Game Trainer (cheats) for Dead or Alive 6 to make your gameplay more interesting and fun. Once you activate the trainer, with just a tap on number pads you get Infinite Health, Unlimited Power, One Hit Kills, Weak Enemy, Freeze Timer, Unlimited Money, Super Speed and Slow Motion. To activate the trainer just download and extract it anywhere on your desktop, launch it and then launch your game. Press F1 to activate. Anytime, if you want to disable the Hotkeys, simply press CTRL-H. To Unlimited Money, what you need to do is go to DOA Central from the menu and activate the cheat, the again go back to menu and deactivate the cheat. Now go to DOA Central and see unlimited money.

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Trainer[wpdm_package id=’26744′]

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