Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Specs, Pricing, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Since it is going to be Anniversary Note, it could even beat all the goosebumps Galaxy S10 lineup gave us.

We have been waiting for Samsung’s 10th Anniversary phone since long time. Finally that wait ended last week when we got to see some super smartphones including Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 Plus. They further surprised us by introducing the next generation of smartphones, a Foldable Galaxy Fold and a 5G powered Galaxy S10 5G. Most of these devices are up for Pre-Order and expected to ship next month most probably.

So, since Samsung is done with its most awaited Flagship, what’s next? Well, now is the time to see some Stylus magic. Yes, we are talking about the next Note Series flagship of the company and most hyped Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung didn’t left anything behind to make their users WOW at their anniversary with S10 series, and its very sure, they will carry the same with their next Note too, coz don’t forget, it is also entering into double figure ‘10’.

Although Samsung has not revealed anything about Galaxy Note 10 officially, but as always, the rumours and leaks has taken over the mind of fans. But..But.. But… don’t worry, we will provide you each & every gossip and whispers about the same.

Galaxy Note 10 Release Date:

According to the reliable sources, it is safe to say that it will be released in the month of July-August 2019. Because if we see the past, Samsung usually launch their S series during Feb-March and after 5 to 6 months, i.e. in July-Aug, they launch their Note series. So, we can expect the next Galaxy Note 10 exactly one year after the release of Note 9. This also gives a 5 months gap between S series and Note so that the phones can make impact on the market before a new amazing Flagship hits the market.

Galaxy Note 10 Camera Rumours:

There have been lots of rumours, leaks and predictions about the upcoming Galaxy Note10 keeping in mind the previous phones of same series which are already staggering and are bundled up with productive features. Want to know everything?? Keep reading..

Few things now days which are changing the future of mobile phones are multiple cameras and all new 5G connectivity. Well, Samsung has recently showed us triple rear camera setup in its latest Galaxy S series lineup. So, we can surely expect to see Galaxy Note 10 with some more extra lenses.

And if we talk about 5G devices, the new Galaxy S10 5G camera with 4 camera setup at the rear facing along with 5G connectivity. However, we cannot expect the same 4 camera on Note 10 too because Samsung already has something which we never see on S series, the feature packed S-Pen. Though those 4 cameras surely offer better bokeh to pictures as well as bringing the effect to video footage too in real-time for the first time.

ALSO, it will be surprising if the Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t share at least some features with this 5G-touting powerhouse i.e Samsung S10 5g. Along with boasting support for the next-generation network speeds, Note 10 is also expected to come up with the largest display of any of the Galaxy S10 range.

Galaxy Note 10 Pricing:

We have already seen so many memes at the price of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. So, if you are planning to buy Galaxy Note 10, you might need to start savings, right away. Unfortunately, there’s is no declaration for the prices of the model yet, but we can conclude that it won’t be any cheap.

Most probably it will be in the 4 digits dollars and may not fit in the affordable category for the some reason. But for the features and the beauty of the phone, price will be justified, that’s all we can say.

Let’s predict the Note 10 pricing. Latest Galaxy S10 starts from £799 for 128 GB and goes upto £999 for model with 512GB. However, Galaxy S10 Plus is suspected to be more in-line with Galaxy Note 10, starting from £899 for the 128GB model and raising upto £1,399 for the 1TB storage model with 12GB RAM.

Let’s get it better. If Samsung will power Galaxy Note 10 with 5G Modems (which is obvious) then, don’t get surprised if it cost more than any of these Galaxy S models.

So, that’s all we can conclude for now. Let’s wait for it to show down the market and to see if it is worth the rumours or not.

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