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Remap Bixby Button Using App on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Finally Samsung started allowing users to Remap the dedicated button into Single or Double press as well as other apps to that button. That’s a huge relief for most of the Samsung users because they can now get rid of accidentally launching Bixby every now and then.

For those who don’t know, Bixby is Samsung’s own Personal Virtual Assistant. Its basically Samsung’s way to take over other AI based assistants. We can say, It is both like and unlike the other major assistants such as Siri, Google or Alexa. While these three focuses on collecting the information from internet and providing answers to your query, Bixby on other hand helps you to use your own phone in more effective way. Bixby comes with a dedicated button on the left side of Samsung flagship phones, just below the volume key.

Remapping Bixby Button:

Bixby is designed to ease the task s on your phone with just voice commands. But as said, many of us are irritated with its accidental launch every now and then. And that’s the scenario on all phones that comes with Bixby. Thankfully, we can now remap it in just few steps.

Earlier we posted the built-in option to Remap Bixby and now, here is another way to do the same. It requires just installing an App from PlayStore.

First of all, make sure your Bixby is up to date. If not, you can easily update it from the Galaxy store just like updating the other apps.

Remapping involves downloading a third-party app to support the access to embed such feature. But, In their next update Samsung can block this app as it has not been authorized by it.

So if you want to remap your Bixby key on your Samsung Galaxy, be a little more careful before updating your phones as it may affect its functionality!!

Samsung Bixby Remaping App

The third party app we are talking here about is called bxActions. It allows you to reprogram the bixby key to launch various applications like turn on/off the flashlight, or take a screenshot or even mute the phone. You can disable the Bixby button too if you want. There are more than 30 options you can choose from. And guess what?? The app we are boasting here about is absolutely FREE!!

Downloading bxActions is not a tough task. It is as easy as downloading other apps from play store. Application is all simplified for use and can help you with your Bixby button. You can get all the features of the app in play store itself while downloading. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews as well give a review after using the application.

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