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Anthem Game Money Guide: Start Earning More Coins and Shards

EA’s new battle royale game Anthem is rocking consoles now days. It’s a roller coaster of fun and adventure. Other than the fun part, Anthem also allows its gamers to earn coin and shards. The two very currency available on the game can be earned in the game itself, which are earned after successful completion of mission and shards can be earned by microtransactions in game. The important part about Shards is that this money can be used in the real world other than cosmetic purchase.

However purchasing in-game can cost you grand, some of the suits can cost gamer up to 60,000 coins. Just like PUBG, the Anthem is also becoming addiction and earning coin is not going to be a tough task for gamer once they come to know about the game. Here are the tricks on how to earn money in the game.


Anthem Campaign

You can easily earn coins by playing the Anthem Campaign alone. Every time when you complete mission, you will receive rewards in abundance. The reward can be later spent on the game itself. Other than money earned by completing the mission, it will also allow you to collect while exploring the sites.


Anthem Challenges

It is easy to earn money through challenges, the beneficiary thing about it you can complete challenges at any time, it won’t cost you much time. Anthem is all packed with inbuilt challenges, each challenge will allow the user to earn up to 2000 coins. It also allows you to look over your challenges sheet.

Daily/weekly/monthly trials

Anthem Game Weapons Tips

This is almost the same as challenges but it is slightly different. The only difference is in Fort Tarsis the gamer will observe daily, weekly and monthly trials which will reward you on the basis of how you will handle difficulties in the game in a certain amount of time. Daily trials will offer you a minimum wage, weekly trials require time and monthly trials will return materials as a reward, it won’t return coins.


Anthem ContractsAs the name specifies, it will allow you to take side challenge apart from the game. Basically, it allows gamers to not disturb the plot and earn coins through side challenge. The contract is easy and doesn’t take you much time to complete. When in need of cash, the contract is good to call.

Alliance system

Anthem Daily TrailsAlliance system will allow you to connect with other user and play as a team in the game. It will reward you coin every week on the basis of how you and other members are playing the game. You can earn up to 4000 coins in a week by reaching level 10.

These all are the ways to earn coins in Anthem but most of the people must be wondering why we need all these coins? What’s the use of it? With that kind of money, you can buy suits, emotes and material necessary for crafting. You can use that money in the game itself. Microtransactions can only be spent on cosmetics.

Lots of users must be confused about how much they can earn in a game. By not creating any further suspense on it, users can collect 1500 coin from daily trials alone in a day. You can earn on the basis of how well you know the game. The game will offer you many opportunities to earn coin.

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