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Devil May Cry 5 Complete Beginners Guide: Know 5 Most Important Tips

Devil May Cry 5 has hit the consoles yesterday. Capcpm has brought us the fifth installment of this action adventure packed game from the Devil May Cry series. As we all know, it is one of the hottest adventurous animated video game series available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

DMC 5 is indeed the much awaited video game series released 8 years after its peer DMC 4, which was released in 2008. If you have played previous games of this series then, you must have been familiar with the characters and concepts of the game. However, you as well as the newcomers need to understand the new stuffs we have received in this modern era based game in order to get started.

Before jumping on to the tips to play the game, let’s have a quick background of the game. The main character of the game is Dante.  The whole game is based on Dante’s mission of  avenging his mother Eva’s death, who was killed by exterminating demons.

However, in Devil May Cry 5, we got two playable characters, i.e. Dante and Nero. As you may know, Devil May Cry 5 is not about just playing and surviving the game. It is all about doing cool stuff and slaying with motorcycle swords. Lots of new concept and weapons have been introduced in this version. So, prepare yourself for diving into this super adventurous game.

Devil May Cry 5 Troubleshooting Guide

Below are some tips to play and understand the game:

1. Adjust Control Menu:

The first and foremost thing is getting yourself comfortable with the controls of game. If you are facing problems with game’s default controls, then you can adjust the controls according to your comfort. Assign any button as you like.

2. Collect As Many Red Orbs As You Can:

Red Orbs is the currency which you will spend in the game. It is basically demon’s blood. Every time you defeat certain enemies you find during levels of game, you will get Red Orbs. Also, you will get more Red Orbs for stylishly completing the level.

Collect as many Red Orbs as you can. These are generally hidden behind something and in dead end alley. These Red Orbs will help you to purchase equipment and skills. You can spend Red Orbs between levels to buy moves and to use Phone Booth.

So, focus on Red Orbs!!

DMC 5 Red Orbs

3. Stay Stylish:

As we have already mentioned, the Devil May Cry 5 is all about being stylish. It focuses on how stylishly you complete the game rather than just survival. You will get Bonus Red Orbs for completing the stage stylishly.

There are five ratings including Dismal, Crazy, Badass, Apocalyptic and Savage. You will get the ratings bases on the type of attacks, your timing and the damage done by you. Focus on getting good rating rather than just killing the enemies.

In order to get good ratings, use a variety of special weapons and moves. Use your power wisely. Don’t save your special weapon for next fight, use them when you need.

4. Train yourself In ‘VOID’:

‘Void’ is a training ground in which can practice tour move, attacks and the use of weapons in order to getter better in the match. Void is the perfect place to polish your skills which you can use further to improve your ratings.

You have a skills (or moves) list in your pause menu for a reason. Use it as often as you need until you know all of the moves you’ve got at your disposal. Knowing and using these moves is the key to getting a good rating in combat.

So, visit void, practice every move, and improve your skills and use in the game against enemies. You will find the option to visit void in your main menu.

5. Play Previous Stages Repeatedly:

Practice is everything!!! If you want to be a pro at the game and practice as much as you can. You can always go to the previous stage and can replay. It will help you to explore more moves and you will learn to use weapons better. This will surely help you in the next levels.

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