How to Disable the ‘Hole Punch’ On Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

Technology is changing so fast these days that every second major company is trying to do something different with their devices and try to grab user’s attention with it. A lot of researches already going in this Giant technology Hub, everybody wants to be first to launch something new and unique in the market.

Following the trend recently Samsung breaks all its previous records in doing something out of the box. As you all know recently Samsung has launched its new Galaxy S10, the device has a bizarre punch hole in front instead of notch screen. Breaking the trend of notch screen, Samsung took two steps ahead of technology by launching a Punch Hole display.

According to Gadgets expert, the front facing phone camera looks like someone literally punched in your device.  Whenever the user will open the front camera of the device, he/she will notice the flaw in the screen. It can give a little panic attack to people because the device will appear like somebody has punched it so hard. However, most of the Samsung users find this feature so disturbing and strange.

A lot of users were asking about how to get rid of this feature. So here we are helping all the users to how to disable this feature in Samsung Galaxy S10.

Makers of device knew somewhere in their mind that perhaps some the users may find this feature weird so they already opened the window to fix it. They already installed the feature to disable it.

All you have to do is go to setting Menu or to the icon which appears like a gear on your home display. Select Display feature in setting, in display select “Full-Screen Apps” and in this, you will find the “Hide Front Camera” feature. Just simply tap on it and disable it.

As soon as you hide this feature in your device then the black bar starts to appear on the top of your screen. Basically, this black bar will make sure that the front camera is no longer visible to anyone.

However its totally on your hand whenever you want to disable or enable it. If you got bored from black bar appear on your device you can simply enable it.

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