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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 ‘Sudden Crash’: How to fix

Tom Clancy’s The division 2, one of the most awaited games of 2019, has finally hit the consoles and have great response from the fans. We have already posted a Troubleshooting Guide for The Division 2 compiling all errors of the game along with the Save Game file, but here’s an error we thought to make separate article because many gamers including me has been irritated with the same.

It is sudden crashing of the game while paying. This is the very first problem you may face when you overplayed the game on an extended period of time. There is no final fix for this yet, according to Ubisoft it will be better for players to restart the game in every 2-3 hours when they are facing the same kind of problem.

The second issue gamers will face in Tom Clancy’s The division 2 is that suppose you are invited by one of your friends to join the game in the middle of a game session, accepting the invitation will cause a game to stop suddenly. But there is an issue for this problem instead of approaching to accept an invitation, launch the game first. It will surely help to not crash it when you accept the invitation later.

It is quite common that multiplayer’s game of this level faces these problems. Tom Clancy The division was habitual of this before launch problem, it happened back in 2016 too. Recently the users were facing the error message popping up on their gaming screen which causes a game to crash. Gamers were unable to connect to servers; due to this, they are unable to play the campaign missions.

Fans of the game were hoping best from The Division 2 launch, hoping it to be smoother and better than the previous version and above all expecting it to free from any errors.

The brief introduction about The Division 2 game, it revolves around the civil war going in Washington D.C. the marauders were threatening to destroy the national capital. This version of the game is different from the previous version; the game will release three major pieces of story content in the first year of Division 2.

The Division is now available for PCs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. If you want to download the PC version you have to download it from the Epic Games Store.

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