Android Q Beta: The New Features Are Really Impressive

Recently Google has launched the first Beta of its upcoming Android update; Android Q. The next version seems to be carrying several new features which makes it most awaited update so far. Android Q is supposed to hit the market in coming August.

The initial version of Android Q Beta is not something the user will prefer to install on their phone (on Pixel and compatible Non-Pixel phones). It is just launched for testing purpose, as always, so that they can identify the bugs people are facing in it while using and fix it to launch the Final version.

The thing which we liked most about the Android Q is that they provided more security regarding privacy and location setting. Other than this, they made sure that users will enjoy the faster and smoother experience.

Android Q Beta is clearly not for your primary phone. It is not recommended by anyone to keep Beta version if you have an only a single phone. But if you have any spare phone around you, you can download it.

Google has done a lot of changes in their upcoming launch; some of them are totally new. We have gathered some of these impressive new features from the Beta:

Take control of your location data:

Google is making sure that location feature is only used when you are using the phone in their new Android Q. in this they will ask to set location privileges which is a big step by Google. Most of the user is concerned about privacy. This feature is a major relief.

Dark Mode:

In their new Android Q, Google is preparing to introduce their user with system level Dark mode. This feature is also available in the first beta of Android Q. Some of the users can find it difficult to use because there is no particular on and off switch in it. It is basically an energy saving mode in which lots of system white background turns black. It also keeps your battery last long.

Estimate for Remaining Battery life:

Android Q has all new quick setting to look at the estimated life of your phone. It will show you the amount of time your phone can remain active. This feature is for user convenience.

Google’s Product Sans Font:

The default font is now Google’s own font. They already launched its typeface in Android 9.0 Pie.

More UX and theme customization:

In Android Q if you look deep into developer setting you will be allowed to change the theme color across the Android OS. It will also allow you to change the font. Google is clearly trying to match One plus but both are not on the same page. Android Q lacks somewhere with One plus theming.

The notch is in screenshots:

The notch screen will appear in your screenshot which is quite bizarre. Hopefully, they will provide an option to disable it if you don’t like it. Some of the gadgets expert calling it a flaw.

A faster sharing sheet:

The Android Q has a fast sharing option. It will be easy for users to transfer data in the fastest mode.

Emergency Button:

There are some emergency services provided by Google like to securely read your password. It is basically for security purpose.

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