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Android Q Beta is Out Now : How to Download And Install

We haven’t even got enough of Android Pie, and now Google has released the first beta installment of Android Q. It is specifically available for Pixel mobile phone users. Since there were rumors saying, Android Q Beta will come to Non-Pixel phones too, probably, we will get the same in next few Beta release. Last year, Android P was released and now its successor Android Q is all set to rock the market.

Since, it is the first installment of Android Q and final public version is yet to come, we can’t say anything about the final features of Android Q. The final release of Android Q is expected to be in third quarter of 2019. Check the Impressive New Features of Android Q Beta 1.

All we can say is, Android Q beta 1 will compensate over some features of Android Pie or simply Android P. It said that this initial release will be an upgrade to former Android Pie. The key features of Android Beta Q are the availability of permissions for location access and improved features applicable to foldable phones

Key Points of Android Q Beta:

  • The final release of Android Q will take place anytime in the third quarter of 2019.
  • Android Q Beta is available for only Pixel users. It supports all the Pixel models including Original Pixel and Pixel XL.
  • Android Q Beta has upgraded features of Android Pie.
  • Android Q is packed up with improved features applicable to foldable phones.
  • It includes sharing shortcuts and other support.
  • Dynamic Depth on Android Q gives specialised blurs and bokeh options.
  • Android Q will have a high-priority notification and full screen intent that will allow quick responses to the background apps that need attention quickly.
  • Android Q will have a improved wireless mechanism and enhanced security features through a refactored Wi-Fi Stack.

Compatible Devices for Android Q Beta:

Just like the initial release of Android P was available for only Pixel Users. No wonder, Google will obviously benefit its own Pixel Users by offering first BETA Release of Android Q.

In the eligible phone list, all the Pixel phones from Original Pixel to Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have their own and rather fixed place.

How to Get Hands On Android Q Beta?

If you are a Pixel Owner, then you can experience the Android Q Beta version by taking part in Android Beta Program. You will then get all Android Q updates OTA (Over-the-air) on your compatible device.

You can also download the factory images for compatible Pixel phones. Moreover, you can also go for sideloadable OTA files which will do the same job.

Here Is How You Can download Android Beta Q, if you don’t own a Pixel Phone:

For keeping yourself updated about the Android Q, all you need to do is to install an Android Emulator. You can download the latest emulator system images by heading on to SDK manager in Android Studio.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Downloading Android Beta Q1

Since, the Android Q Beta is the first installment of next update, it is obviously developed for the testing purpose. Though you will be able to experience and enjoy new features, you may also face some issues with the beta version too. So, be prepared for this. Keep in mind, it is the test case before the public release.

Will There Be More Beta Releases For Android Q?

Hopefully yes!! Google has planned to release six beta versions before the final public release of Android Q. Since, the first beta release is already out, the second beta release will take place most probably in starting  weeks of April.

The third beta release is scheduled in May followed by the fourth beta build that will be bundled with the final API and the final SDK in June.

The fifth and sixth installments will be the testing and final testing installments, after which the final Android Q public will hit the world.

So, that’s all about Android Q Beta release. It is just the initial installment; so, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the final release of Android Q.

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