Android Q Has Hidden iPhone-style Navigation Gestures: Here’s How to Enable

When Google first launched its gesture control feature, most of the gadgets experts thought it is unfinished or yet not ready to launch. The reason prior were issues users facing, for instance, whenever they swipe up for opening recent apps, it results in opening the app drawer which is quite irritating. Other than this many users doesn’t find the transition animation smooth, same with the presence of back button.

Now luckily we all know that Google is working round the clock on navigation gesture control, and may bring it with the next major update, Android Q. Most of the people already seen how they improve the back button with a gesture and they also change the transition animation for a quick switch. Due to hidden sources in pixel launcher, we will let you know about many more changes in gestures control in all new Android Q.

With the help of hidden contrast, it is possible to access through ADB to change the gesture in the first Beta of Android Q. The new gesture which is discovered is only accessible when we modify the stock Pixel launcher APK which will show us the developer option.

One of the senior members of XDA named Paphonb who has experience of working on one plus launcher Mods, Lawnchair launcher app and Rootless pixel launcher, has modified the Pixel Launcher app. The screenshot which is leaked showcased the new Developer option in Pixel launcher settings. When you launch this menu, you are allowed to apply a multitude of a new setting to grant access on Quickstep. Apart from this, you are also allowed to the name of gesture apps and recent app component in both Android pie and Android Q.

When you enable these changes you will notice the change in gesture behavior of Android Q. These flags are tested on Google Pixel 2 XL. Let’s discuss more about the changes you will notice by applying it

  • When you swipe left on the navigation bar, you can have access to te task which you just left. But they are working on its transition action
  • When you swipe up on the pill it leads to a home screen. They discovered a new action for this transition
  • Whenever you want to change task, swiping right on the pill is a smooth option.
  • When you swipe up on the navigation bar, the launcher will showcase the app drawer
  • When you swipe up and also hold the pill it will show the overview of recent apps
  • When you swipe down anywhere on the homepage will automatically bring you to notification panel

This change in Android Q gestures gives your phone a slight feel of Apple iPhone. The only difference is the availability of a back button.

Wanna try it? Want to know how you too can enable Pixel Launcher’s hidden Developer Options in Android Q? Let’s do it.

Before enabling it to make sure your device fit its requirement:

  • You must have Google Pixel, pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL running on Android Q beta
  • The device has Root access to Magisk

Enabling Pixel Launcher’s hidden Developer Options in Android Q:

  • First, download the Magisk Module.
  • Start the Magisk Manager
  • Click on the menu
  • Then further click on modules
  • Click on the +icon
  • Select the Magisk module you downloaded
  • Install it and then reboot the device
  • Once it boot, open the set of pixel launcher you will notice the developer option there.

Android Q Pixel Launcher Mod

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