You Can Wear This Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone on Your Wrist

Everything you need to know about Wearable Samsung Galaxy Fold with Infinity Flex displays

Samsung never leaves a single chance to surprise their fans. One of the hottest topic is the news of Samsung’s new foldable ‘Smartphone Cum SmartWatch’. It is a phone which can also be worn around your wrist. This phone has been showcased during Samsung’s Developer Conference in San Francisco on November 7, 2018. Samsung is working furiously on its hottest bendable phone.

What Is Samsung Bendable Phone  ?

Well, Samsung Galaxy Fold was company’s first ever Foldable Smartphone launched recently at MWC 2019 and is all set to go on sale very soon. But this is just the beginning of Flexible Displays at Samsung labs. We are not talking about this Foldable phone here.

We are talking about the next device which Samsung has recently filed new patent with the World Intellectual Property Organisation. The design says that Samsung is working on a Bendable Smartphone with Flexible Display which can also be wear as Wristband or Smartwatch .

Samsung has taken its branding a level up by developing a Smartphone that can be worn around your wrist like a smartwatch. It is a bendable phone. A threaded metal chassis, which is used in some smart watches, is used for the same purpose by Samsung.

Key Features of upcoming wearable Samsung Galaxy Fold:

  • According to the Letsgodigital, the phone will have a flexible OLED display which is actively known as Infinity Flex. This device will bend in a single direction.
  • Samsung has used magnets at each end of device to keep it on place on your wrist.
  • According to Letsgodigital, there is simcard tray at the top of the phone with a USB-C port for synchronisation and charging slot.
  • Device will also have dual rear-facing non-budged camera.
  • Just like the other Samsung smartphones , it may also have some fitness features like heart rate monitoring and step tracking. It is really useful as one will not need to pair the smartphone with other fitness accessories like smartwatch.

As of now there’s not much details available for this wearable Galaxy phone but we will soon update here as soon as we get to know more about the same. Keep checking. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait till it makes its place in the market.

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