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How to Earn Money Using WhatsApp? Here’s 8 Different Ways to Make Money

With internet growing at a faster pace, everything became easier to some extent. So is making money online. There are many legitimate ways by which you can earn money online.  We will tell you different ways by which you can earn money faster. Have you ever thought of earning money from WhatsApp?

How many of you know that we can earn money using WhatsApp? I guess, Quite a few!

WhatsApp these days has become more than just a means of communication. For people knowing that is only a chatting app, its time to update your knowledge. Everyone uses WhatsApp on their mobile phones, so why not use it wisely?

We will be informing you about the various methods by which you can learn how to make money from WhatsApp?

Prerequisites for earning good money from WhatsApp:

  • Smartphone
  • Good internet
  • WhatsApp groups

The entire process requires you to make maximum connection because the greater number of people you are connected to, the easier it is for you to make money.

This all start from WhatsApp group where you can find the maximum number of people. Make a WhatsApp group of as many people as possible. Tell your friends, family, relatives about the same and Infact you can ask your mutual friends to.

You can also use people from your Facebook and Instagram account to create a WhatsApp group.

Link Shortening Services:

This is very basic step where all you need to do is you have to shorten the links of URL of website which are very huge and unable to deal with. You have to make them small and readable.

After this you have to share these links in the WhatsApp group. The greater number of people are there, the more clicks will be performed on the link and relative to that you will earn money. There are many websites that allow this. You have to search the popular websites which provide authentic content, and which have viral videos, cool content etc.

Once you have selected the website you can cut shorts its link and then forward it to the WhatsApp group you made. Ask the members of the group to click the link. People will get attracted to the good content and will open the link and you will in return get to earn good money.

The worth of clicks is also depending on geographical location. If people from countries such as Germany, America etc. clicked the link then you will earn more money.

Example of such websites are:- Short.am, Linkshrink.Net, ouo.io

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliation marketing is type of marketing in which an individual partner with a business in order to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to a business’s particular product or service.

In layman language, it means that you need to promote a product to be purchased by the members of your WhatsApp group which will further helps you in getting commission from the company for which you are doing this. There are various company in the market which encourages people to sell the products and give their employees the commission.

You have to post the links of the products for sale in your WhatsApp group. The more products you are able to sell, the more commission you will get.

Companies which perform affiliation programs: Amazon, Flipkart, Payroom.com, Snapdeal and many more.

PPD Network:

All of you might have heard or done this type of networking where the number of downloads for an application you performed gives you money. The full form is Pay per download. The more download, the more money you receive. We have OpenLoad.co which pay the highest payment in this world for its downloads.

Examples of PPD: UsersCloud, ShareCash, Filece.net, DailyUploads etc.

Refer to recharge apps:

There is another method by which you can earn money. And this method is known as referring recharge apps. You can refer the recharge apps in your WhatsApp group. The member of the group has to use your referral code and download the app. As soon as the person use your referral code. You will get reward in terms of credits which you can further use for shopping or recharge.

In this you do not directly get the money but credits that you can further use. This is not a very reliable method, I would say. But for emergency it works fine. Apps which support this are TaskBucks, Earn Talktime and Ladoo etc.

Promote YouTube channels and websites:

A lot of newbies on Instagram and YouTube and infact on many websites are looking for followers. You can make use of your network to provide them followers and in return get paid.

The more network of people you have the, the more followers you provide and similarly you will receive more money.

Paid Promotion:

You can also earn money by doing paid promotion of products in your WhatsApp group. You can promote anything in your groups and connection and get paid for them respectively.

Online Teaching:

If you have good knowledge of a subject, then you can make a WhatsApp group pf people who want to learn that technology. You can further deliver lectures, notes and other information using your WhatsApp group and get paid. This has become very popular means of education these days.

Sharing AppLinks and Promo Codes:

There are many apps in the play store which needs promotion and their owners are searching for the people you can use them. You can promote these apps in large groups by sharing the promo codes of any app or website in your group. The more popular app will become, the more you will be benefited.

So, these were various methods that you use to earn money. You can share this information with your friends, family and relatives and others so that you can make a huge network. The greater number of people you have in your group will result in more money. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and start making money.

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