Fortnite v8.10 Update: Here’s what this Biggest Update of Season 8 brings to you

There has been recent update in the Fortnite Battle Royale season 8. This is by far the biggest and important update for the current season. Here we will provide you everything you need to know about the update, new features, changes and new items in the game.


This is the new item that you will find with the update of Fornite season 8. These Vending machines will provide free items/weapons. But note that, these will automatically disappear after providing a single item/weapon, which means this Vending Machine are for One-time use.


The update has introduced a new vehicle known as “The Baller” in the Fornite v8. 10. It is a ball shaped single-seater vehicle, which can be found near expedition post and pirate camps. This vehicle has in-built grapplers and boost functionality that enables it to roll very stylishly. The players can combine both the grapple and boost to achieve mind-blowing feats.

Though It can protect from enemies but it is not fully “damage-proof” and doesn’t comes with any weapon. It comes with 300 health only and takes damage.


Along with the introduction of these two items, players will also face several other changes. These changes are listed below:

1. Changes In Rarity

  • Common rarity has been removed from Inventory Rifle.
  • For Heavy Assault Rifle, Rarity has been changed to Common /Uncommon /Rare from Rare/Epic/Lagendary.
  • Common, Uncommon and Rare has been set new values 36,38 and 40 respectively.
  • The maximum stack size foer clingers has now decreased to 6 from 10.

2. Changes In Vending Machine

  • There will be no Vending cost. The Vending cost from machines is now removed. Also, there will be no Common/Uncommon machines in updated version.
  • The Mounted Turret has also been removed from the Legendary Vending Machine.

3. Changes in Maps

Players will not get the treasure map easily, as the chances for getting the treasure map has been reduced to 27% from 53%.
Chances of getting Maps from chest loot has also been reduced to 1.65% from 3.25%.

So, that was all about the update of Fornite season 8. Apart from these changes, several bugs have also been fixed with the update.

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