Foldable iPhone Looks Great in These Pictures

Foldable Phones? How can Apple stay behind.

The new era of foldable handsets has started, and the companies are already taking charge of making the best foldable devices they can. The question would be what about Apple? Isn’t it going to release this new technology? Well, the answer is here. The company is working on the foldable iPhone. The images give us a sneak peek as to what is to be expected out of it.

The arrival date is not yet released. The rumours about this model come from the images and the Apple patent that describes the foldable handset. The official patent says that the phone would have a fold across the horizontal centre of the device. It comes with a dual hinge that allows the phone to be folded on both sides that is inward and outward.

Folding inward can be done to protect the screen when placing it in the pocket and outward fold can help in sharing the screen with the person sitting opposite to you. The whole idea is to make the device fold-out to be used as a tablet. Just like, Samsung and LG phones which fold-out to give a 7-inch screen. The patent revealed describes the flexible screen to have light emitting diodes, this tells us that Apple is already looking into OLED displays for their future devices.

The images released by the company do not elaborate on the number of cameras but the design shows that the cameras are placed at the top of the screen. It is not possible for the manufacturer to release a design that completely gives an end-to-end display and hence, we do not expect it to be a bezel less design.

    It is expected that there will be a single camera at the front and double camera at the back as is the general configuration of their models. According to the designs revealed, the camera will be placed at the top-left instead of right. That is all that can be deduced out of the designs till the company decides to shed light on more features.

    At the bottom of the device, there’s room for connection to charge the phone. It is not known as to which connector it will be adopt. The iPhone XS and XR use the Lighting cable. There have been talks that the company plans on using USB Type C cable, but nothing officially announced yet. However, it would be beneficial for the company to use this fast and multi-functional connection for their future devices.

    LetsGoDigital says that Apple could launch the foldable handset with iPhone 12 expected to arrive in September 2024. But it is to be kept in mind that all of these are just rumours and that the device might not actually make it to the market or even in existence for that matter.

    However, it would be interesting to see if this makes to reality, how is this model going to beat the Android phones that would be available by then!

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