Google Stadia Lets You Play Any Video Game Without Any Gaming Console

Google yesterday surprised the entire gaming industries by revealing its all new Google Stadia Game Streaming platform. However, they didn’t reveal the whole strategy behind it. They are offering Stadia to their gamers as a gift which supposed to bring revolution in the gaming industry. Makers and developers have their hopes high from the changes they are going to offer to their consumer.

At their official statement, the company did not reveal any details regarding the cost of games, cost of the controller. They didn’t even named the games which are going to be exclusive for Stadia, it is still a mystery.

At GDC Google presents its future plan for about an hour and all the members were quite excited about the fresh start With Stadia. To help our readers here we came up with a tech solution to your problem. We are here to make you understand all the new changes Google is offering. As Google claims their new policy will turn the gaming generation inside out.

The most interesting feature it is offering is that you are allowed to switch the game from one device to another such as to laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, and even TV. Talking about Graphics, it is going to be a huge party because you will notice style transfer and flipping between art styles. It gives access to your microphone so you can ask Google assistant about the game, it is going to be your virtual guide. Options like multiplayer are available to join another player who has a poor connection, they provided a solution to that too. Stadia clearly solve the problem of poor internet connection. They are really trying to bring some changes in the gaming industry.

But apart from all this, users have their doubts about the platform like how can they try this? What is going to be a charge of it? Like Netflix or Spotify, they have to pay a monthly subscription for it? What kind of games Stadia will offer because the company didn’t mention the list of games?

All these questions are realistic; users are looking for an official confirmation on it. But there is a piece of good news for people who are worried about their gaming future from the banning of consoles, Sony and Nintendo is going to be your choice. They covered their gamers demand. So you can say that consoles are not really dead.

It is going to be a challenge for Google to survive the war with already existing consoles. Lots of users generally don’t want to change their natural habit. Google is sure about Stadia to be the future of gaming generation, but the real question is how they can top already existing consoles. This is going to be major for a company if Stadia fail. There is no particular date when it will hit the ground. We are expecting a lot more to hear from the company about the same.

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