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God Eater 3 Save Game (100%) Download

Are you worried about losing your progress in God Eater 3? If yes, then you don’t need to worry, we got you covered!!

God Eater 3 is the successor of God Eater 2, which was released back in Feb 2013. It is action based anime video game series developed by Marvelous Studio. GE3 is released very recently and has received positive critics reviews so far.

The main player is known as the God Eater who absorbs energy form monster and use the power to attack them. Goal is to eliminate them and save the mankind. It is typical Survival of the mankind by killing monsters kind of a game. No doubt, why it is the favorite game amongst all the action lovers out there.

We know, it is a huge pain to lose the game progress because of some stupid system crashes or other reasons.So, here in this article, we bought you the 100% working Save Game File Download, which you can simply download and extract and play without any worries.

Just download the Save Game File from below, and extract it at the following save location on your computer:

 “C:\Users \Public\Documents\Steam\Codex\899440\remote\”

This is all you need to do. But as a precaution, we recommend you to backup your original save data, just in case, to be on the safer side. This save game will unlock all the movies, music and voices of Deluxe and Ultimate edition and also will defeat all the aragamis of both editions.

God Eater 3 Saves[wpdm_package id=’27375′]

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