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Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice Save Game [PS4] Download

From the developers of Dark Souls, FromSoftware, Sekiro Shadow Die Twice appears to be the highly rated game of this month after Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. It is a story of One Armed Wold Sekiro whose lord has been captured and his only motive is to bring him back, without fear. Sekiro makes you stuck with your gaming consoles because of its story, visuals, action, gameplay, everything. It is one of the best Action Adventure video game you will play.

Earlier we posted several Save game files for PC version of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, as well as a +18 Trainer for the game bringing you several important stuffs to make your gameplay more fun and interesting. Now, here is a Sekiro Save Game for PS4. You can download it right away and move ahead in the game. No more need to be stuck. Using this save file, you get all Sekiro skills unlocked along with many more stuffs. Make sure to upload it to your PS4 properly. if you need any more help with the same, be comfortable to use the comments box below.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Steam[wpdm_package id=’27397′]

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  1. How to install it to ps4? please reply
    I can’t copy the file because it belongs to another account

  2. I can’t copy your save game in my PS4 because the user account is not the same. Nobody can to do that.
    Why upload your save game to the cloud?
    Is there any way to copy the saved game to my PS4?

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