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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Save Game Download [PC]

The Walking Dead is one of the most fan favorite adventure based video game series. It was originally developed by Telltale games and later the Skybound games. The game is based on the Robert Kirkman’s comic book series “The Walking Dead”.

It has been a long journey since the first release of the game in 2012. The Walking Dead is heading the list of best video games since then. So, the final season of the most iconic video series “The Walking Dead” is all here. And finally, our protagonist Clementine’s story will reach a conclusion.

In this article we are providing you the 100 % completed Save Game file for your PC version of Walking Dead Final Season. In case, you are afraid of losing your progress in the game, just download and extract this file and you will not have to worry about losing your progress anymore. The save file offers you all the episodes in one, two as well as three collectibles.

Just download the file, extract it at the save game location and restart the game. Save location is at “Documents\Telltale Games\”

The Walking Dead The Final Season[wpdm_package id=’27405′]

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