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How to Get and Decrypt Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key

Destiny 2 has become more interesting after the addition of Warmind DLC expansion. There are a bunch of things that are newly introduced to the game which includes the encrypted Cache keys. Encrypted keys are the items that we receive in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is one of the most played and most interesting OOM of the time. It is an incredible first-person shooter video game with kickass challenges and an insane amount of fun.

So, if you have played the game and completing the Community Challenges set in the Shadowkeep then you are already fade up of the death of Escalation Protocol. It is basically a mission where you kill the hives in droves, rinse and repeat. In this challenge, the biggest requirement is to kill some wave 7 bosses. So, if you’re already Knocking out this challenge then you must have noticed something dropping from the bosses at the time you kill them. These are the encrypted keys which need to be unlocked.

In this guide, we will be telling you the methods to decrypt your Cache keys. It’s not very frequent that you get these encrypted keys and if you do then decrypt the keys makes it more difficult. Figuring out where to use the key is also one of the issues. So, don’t worry, we are here to help you out from the dilemma.

Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key Guide

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind about the Encrypted Cache Key is that you can get them by collecting Rasputin Key Fragments. However, collecting these fragments is not an easy task to do. Also, there are very few ways to get these fragments as compared to the Warmind content. However, you can still do Nightfallsfor getting hands-on those fragments. You have to get seven of these fragments and then turn them into Ana Bray, who will net you the Encrypted Cache Key.

The time you spend in Escalation Protocol and clearing waves will somehow decrypt your Encrypted cache key and you can then make use of it. The good thing is that a part of Destiny 2 community challenge is less than wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses, thereby, decrypting the keys doesn’t take too long.

As soon as you win over the 7th Wave and Wave 7 boss of the week, you get two things :

  1. A Decrypted Cache Key
  2. A chest dropped from the Wave 7 boss

For opening the chest that you got from the wave 7 boss, you will require a Decrypted Cache Key. From this chest, you will be able to vet more loot for yourself as you will be eligible for several more drops. Think of it as a wonderful opportunity to get some extra loot rather than the trouble you will be getting from these Escalation Protocol runs for the Community Challenge.

One more important thing is that doing the Nightfalls for this event on Mars for the Fragments will also count in completing the challenge requirements of regional Nightfalls. So, it’s like you can hit two targets with just one arrow.

Complete Guide To Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Keys

Before knowing how to find the encrypted cache key and decrypt them, we should first know that what really decryption means. Here, we will be discussing everything about the Encrypted Cache Keys :

  1. What is Decryption?
  2. Mechanism of the cache key
  3. How to get a cache key encrypted with Destiny 2 Warmind?
  4. How to decrypt the Warmind DLC encryption cache?
  5. Where to use the encrypt cache keys?
  6. What Is Decryption?

The conversion of the encrypted data into a readable and understandable text is known as decryption. It is basically, decoding the data manually using the appropriate key or code.

Why data is Encrypted?

If it needed to be decrypted, then what is the need to encrypt it in the first place?

So, here is the answer. Data is encrypted to keep it safe from unauthorized access and making theft more difficult. Companies and businesses encrypt the data for protecting their trade secrets.

If you want to encrypt data, follow the steps in FoneDog guide.

For viewing this data, you must decode it. For this purpose, you will need a decryption key or code and in case you do not have any of these then, you will require specific software or application to decode the data using some decryption algorithms and data readability.

The Cache Key Mechanism

The cache key mechanism includes the two complex things: clearing cache and the cache name.

The first thing, to clear the cache manually is a long and annoying process. It is also prone to errors. The most common problem is you’ll forget the location and receive old data.

To tackle this problem, here is another and better way. This is known as Stopping the key cache.

This method works as follows :

Stopping The Key Cache

Know that the cache key is a floating part whereas the cached content is a fixed part. Thus, it will return the same content. Content is never updated once it has been written. It will never expire too.

Keys are generally calculated in block paths by using the object representation of the content. It is done by creating a timestamp for key, like creating a [class] / [id]-[timestamp] class when calling #cache_key.

For changing the key, you have to write new content for the new key. Hence, when the deferred activity gets updated, the key changes from / 5-210110218104500 to all / 5-210110218105545, and the new content is then written according to the updates object.

But, this process generates a lot of garbage cache and after updating the deferred activity, previous caches can not be redeemed. The Memcached deletes the oldest key after the memory exhausts. This is done by reading the last read date and time.

Hence, if you modify or change the activity of a current project list, update the updated_at timestamp on each part. Then, it will automatically update the cache key based upon these objects.

Temporary storage is also displayed in views based on the representation of these objects. This is integrated, so that  #cache_key is known as the last table’s data every time the cache is called.

By this process, the application of cache programs get simplified and make sure that there is no garbage data.

To be more precise, you don’t need to do the hectic cleaning process to keep a track of the update of an item. The update_at field is part of each cache key and it automatically tells you the source of the update of any item.

How to get the Encrypted Cache Key?

So, the first question is How to get the encrypted cache key?

Now, you already know that an encryption cache is an object you receive in the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. You get this as the Anabray Award. But, getting this award is not as easy as it seems. It is very complex to download the encrypted cache keys in Warmind DLC.

In order to get the key, you have to first finish the entire story campaign. After completing the event, you have to look after various things which include heroic strikes and adventures, raids and raid lairs and nightfall strikes. On completion of all these things, you might get Rasputin key fragments.  You have to give these fragments that you receive to Ana Bray. Ana Bray will provide you the encrypted Cache key. Seven Rasputin Keys will make a complete Encrypted Cache key.

As we mentioned, you will get it through the Rasputin Fragments, which is very difficult to find out and convert.

But, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Here, we will show you how to get the encrypted keys and where to use them in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC.

In Order to get the Warmind DLC encrypted Cache key, first browse the main campaign history. After that, you will be eligible to participate in the activities including heroic attacks and adventures, night raids.

On completion of these activities, you will get the basic Rasputin fragments. After that, you can convert the part of these Rasputin keys (once in a week) to convert it into Ana bray who will give you the encrypted cache keys.

Basically, you will require 7 Rasputin Key segments to get the cache key.

Rasputin Key Fragments

Getting the Rasputin Fragments is a tad bit slow process. The reason for this is that Ana’s heroic adventures can only be played once in a day and hence, it will take minimum days to get all the seven Rasputin Fragments.

Meanwhile, you can also play Nightfalls to try your luck as these can reward you with all the seven keys only if you’re lucky enough. It depends purely on your luck because there is no guarantee that you will get the keys.

So, once you get all the seven keys, you can exchange them with Ana Bray for one Encrypted Cache Key.

But wait, here is another bad news, you can get only one encrypted key per week as you can exchange the Rasputin Fragments with Ana Bray once in a week.

However, the difficulties with Encrypted Cache Keys are worth the effort because you can use these cache keys to get extra loot for yourself and tackle with the Escalation Protocol. Also, you need to be patient as unlocking each piece of Armour will take a pretty good amount of time.

Where To Use the Encrypted Cache Keys in Warmind DLC?

Before using the encrypted cache keys, you will need to decrypt them. For this purpose, you will need to add scaling logs. This is again a complex task as you need to get the decrypt cache key using the 7 levels of resizing protocol.

You only need to keep resizing the calendar until you get the notification about the decrypted key. We have already shown you how to decrypt the encrypted cache keys.

Now, that you have the keys, you can start playing the Escalation Protocol and unlocking the rewards. It is relatively easier to do but before that, make sure you join a game with at least four high-level players. The reason is that the game gets more difficult in the later rounds, so you need a high-level team with good skills.

Here is step by step procedure that you need to follow from the beginning:

  • Get all the seven Rasputin Key Fragments from Ana Bray’s heroic adventures and Nightfall strikes.
  • Exchange the  7 Rasputin Key Fragments with Ana Bray to get the Encrypted Cache Key, once a week.
  • Play the Escalation Protocol.
  • While you play the Escalation Protocol, you will be notified any time that the Cache Key has turned into a Decrypted Cache key.
  • Complete and reach, level seven and then use the Encrypted cache key to unlock the final loot chest.
  • Once you reach the final round and defeat the final boss, a loot box will be dropped.
  • Finally, you need to use your Encrypted Cache Key to unlock the loot box and claim the rewards.

Encrypted Cache Key Rewards

As you may already get the idea till now that the encryption cache will be used to unlock the final loot chest in the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. You will be rewarded with the Armour Set that will depend on the class you’ve chosen.

Here Is The List Of Encryption Cache Keys Rewards

Reward – Hunter

  • Abhorrent Imperative Armor Set
  • Armour (Armour Type)
  • Abhorrent Imperative Mask (Helmet)
  • Abhorrent Imperative Vest (Chest)
  • Abhorrent Imperative Grasps(Gauntlet)
  • Abhorrent Imperative Strides (Leg Armour)
  • Abhorrent Imperative Cloak (Hunter Cloak)

Reward – Titan

  • Midnight Exigent Armor Set
  • Armour Name (Armour Type)
  • Midnight Exigent Helm  (Helmet)
  • Midnight Exigent Gauntlets (Gauntlet)
  • Midnight Exigent Plate  (Chest)
  • Midnight Exigent Greaves            (Leg Armour)
  • Midnight Exigent Mark  (Titan Mark)

Reward – Warlock

  • Yuga Sundown Armor Set
  • Armour Name(Armour Type)
  • Yuga Sundown Helmet  (Helmet)
  • Yuga Sundown Gloves   (Gauntlet)
  • Yuga Sundown Robes(Chest)
  • Yuga Sundown Boots (Leg Armour)
  • Yuga Sundown Bond (Warlock Bond)

How to decrypt encrypted key?

There are various events organized in the game to get the decrypted key. There is this event called escalation protocol.

Escalation protocol is very difficult because it contains so any level which is difficult to crack. You have to crack seven or more levels in escalation protocol to get decrypt key. You have to level up until you will receive the decrypt key. There will be a notification when you will get the decryption cache key.

Now you have the encrypted key, you have decryption cache key and all you want to know is where to use this decryption key for which you have done all this hard work.

To use the decryption key, you have to fight with the final boss of escalation protocol and you have to defeat him. This is a very difficult step and all the best for it.

If you manage to kill the final boss, then you will receive a loot chest and some extra rewards. You have to use the decrypted key to open the loot chest box that was dropped by the final boss during his death.

This key is very important to open the loot box. You cannot open it if you somewhere misplace the key.

You do not have to hand over anywhere. The game is designed such that the escalation protocol bosses are on duty at alternative weeks. It means that one boss will be available in one week and another boss at another week. That means the key will be carried over from week to week.

We have done all the steps on this Destiny 2 encryption and decryption guide. Do let us know if there is anything that is not understood by you guys or there is any query/concern regarding this article. We will be happy to help you out.

A Little Update:

Now we know how to get and encrypt Cache Key in Destiny 2, but it is certainly not as easy as putting butter on the bread. You have to struggle a lot. So, here are some tips that will make your task a little comfortable. Take a look:

  • You must complete all of the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion story missions
  • Once done, you got to go with the next level, i.e. Heroic Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Raid Lairs, Nightfall Strikes, and Raids. This will help you earn Rasputin Key Fragments.
  • Earn at least 7 of these Rasputin Key Fragments and then go to Ana Bray on Mars.
  • You can easily exchange these 7 fragments to get one Encrypted Cache Key.
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