Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Save Game Download

Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is another adventurous game released this year by Outright Games Ltd. on 15 Feb, 2019. The game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is wonderful game with amazing style and pretty huge world, best suitable for those who love playing adventurous games.

This video game revolves around the journey of two buddies Scribbler and his special dragon Patch, who battles together with the villain Eir to save the dragons and defeat him. Eir, is a negative character who is controlling the dragons to carry out evil things.

Scribbler is a young boy who cannot remember his past and Patch is a unique dragon or a breed known as ‘chimeragon’. Patch and Scribbler will explore various places and challenges, deal with enemies and will solve various puzzles throughout their journey. There are various fan favorite Dreamworks dragons in the game like Astrid, Hiccup Gobber and others. It is a single player mode. Their aim is to recover Scribbler’s past memory and know his hybrid dragons true origin.

You can download the 100% completed Save Game for Dragons Dawn of New Riders for your PC. It unlocks all the islands, upgrades weapons, and all the chest are found. It also provides 100% game completion. This will definitely help you to make progress in your game and also prevent you from losing your existing game progress. Just download the file, extract it to  C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Outright Games Ltd\Dragons Dawn Of New Riders

Dragons Dawn of New Riders Saves[wpdm_package id=’27819′]

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