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Risk of Rain 2: How to Find Teleporters

Risk of Rain 2 arrived on steam recently and has already been a huge hit among gamers. The game is surely a roller coaster ride of action and it is for sure worth giving a try. A lot of users who already try their hands on game find some difficulty to locate teleporters. Well, Teleporters are quite challenging and can give a hard time to gamers. The reason behind it is because of the dark theme in the game that makes it difficult for users to distinguish the teleporters from the surroundings.

Gamers are searching for an easy way to locate teleporters but the bad news is there are no particular quick methods available right now because the game was just launched and it will take time for an update to launch. So the only way we can suggest to gamers is to keep their eyes wide open, specially for the dark spikes generating from the ground which is also known as Demarcation of the teleporter. Finding teleporters is indeed tough task but if we focus on the bright side we can get the opportunity to grab lunar coins in the game.

Risk Of Rain 2 Teleporters

However, here’s a little tip. First and foremost look for an invented arch symbol floating which is basically there to grab your attention. In addition to this generally, there are red and orange articles which will revolve around teleporters. You can easily see them from distance it does not require any extra effort other than this it is easier to look for it than teleporter itself.

I will suggest you to look for teleporters on the primary surface of ground because chances are high you will find them there easily. Before jumping on the floating surface thoroughly search the primary surface.

The one thing to keep in mind when you successfully crack down the location of the teleporter, inform your teammates about it by using the ping system of Risk of Rain 2. Teleporters are essential to level up in games and with its help you can proceed in the next location.

The issue of not finding teleporter easily in the game already became a hot potato among gamers. It has only been the week for the game and it is already a topic of discussion among gamers community due to this issue. Gamers are hoping to hear from makers. Meanwhile, Hopoo games assured to launch a fix for it. They already started working on changes which will make the condition better. The permanent fix of the game will take time till then it is suggested to all gamers to focus on the bright side of the game. Soon you will see some major fixes in the game.

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