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Top 5 Upcoming Features in PUBG Mobile: Infinity Mode, Companion System And More

At one hand where the world is in problem with PUBG addiction in the teens and kids, Tencent Games on other hand keeps making the game more better every now and than by bringing some interesting updates.

That being said, we are all set to get some really cool new features in the game, an all-new experience. Recently they launched PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update which is as of now available in Beta version. It is all packed up with new mode named Darkest night and it allows you to bring your partner into battle to earn items like cosmetics.

Other than this, lots of other improvements have been made in the update. One of which is the Zombies Mode. In this particular update, zombies will be more clever and smarter. They can surprise you with their activities such as climbing walls and on roofs. In this update, they came up with jumping skills too. The feature which is breathtaking and grabbing lots of user’s attention.

There’s also news that say, PUBG Corp and Tencent Games has dropped a new feature called Companion “Pet” in a game. Along with this they also mentioned about the new zombie mode which is named as Darkest Night. The other Interesting feature they talked about is all new Survive Till Dawn Zombie Mode, the mode came with new RPG weapon.

The update is packed with all new features. Let’s not further confuse the gamers about it.

Here’s the list of new Upcoming Features you will get in PUBG Mobile.

  • The very first feature the update is offering is MugenSpace/ Infinity. This feature replaces event mode in the game.
  • The all-new Survive Till Dawn feature will be listed under Expansion. This means there’s a possibility of new modes in games in the near future.
  • As we already discussed that game is offering new Infinity mode which is also called Darkest Night. In this particular mode, all you have to do is keep yourself alive while fighting with zombies for one night only. Those who successfully came out alive from the night will win the game.
  • Another attention seeking feature is Companion System. In this, you can bring your companion into battle. The good thing about it is totally safe; your enemies can’t see your companion so you need not worry about the sudden exposure. You can earn rewards and with each successful level, you can open the companion emotes in game.
  • There are a lot of improvements made in Survive Till Dawn modes. Liquid nitrogen is added, you will see grenades to freeze your enemy. The all-new jumping mode is available in which zombies can jump. It also allows zombie dogs. Other than this RPG-7 and jungle style magazine
  • The feature in which when zombies hit by weapon will move slowly as compared to their normal walks. They will also climb walls and roofs
  • The update will offer flamethrower which apparently causes more damage as compared to normal.

Overall, the new PUBG Mobile Update will bring lots of exciting features with it. Gamers will definitely love it.

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