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X4: Foundations PC Save Game Download

X4: Foundations is single-player space trading and combat based video game. It is the sequel of the most popular X series. It is developed and published by Egosoft and released successfully on 30 Nov, 2018. It is available for PC, Xbox One and even Linux.

Basically, X4: Foundations is based on four keywords: Trade, Fight, Build and Think. While playing the game you will explore the best space-simulation, you can fly ships, explore the magnificent space amd manage the empire.

You will have the freedom to fly every ship personally. Moving between one ship to another is very seamless in X4: Foundation, therefore, you can move out the ship, climb ladders and walk over of space station and get in to another ship.

This was all about the game, now coming to its save file, the save files are the excellent way to make progress in any video game. It also saves you from losing existing progress, which is great. If you are already playing this iconic game X4 : Foundations on your PC and need help with some levels, here is the 100% completed Save file for X4 : Foundations by which you can play without worrying about losing your progress.

All you need to do is to extract and copy the file in save directory and simply restart the game and enjoy. Moreover, this save file offers all the missions completed and you will have excess of money. Extract the files at the following location: C:\Users\%user-name%\Documents\Egosoft\X4\save

X4 Foundations Saves[wpdm_package id=’27872′]

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