Borderlands 3: Characters, Trailer, Release Date, Features, Price and More Revealed

The original Borderlands was released nearly a decade ago in 2009, which was a classic shooting and role-playing video game and has gained much success resulting in launch of Borderlands 2 in 2012 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel exactly two years later. The Borderlands is one of the most popular franchises since then. Now, the Gearbox has made official announcement for the most awaited looter-shooter i.e. Borderlands 3.

Not only the release date has been revealed but also released a latest trailer of the Borderlands 3.

Before this official announcement made by Gearbox, several leaks have already revealed box art, Borderlands 3 Collector’s edition and three versions of the game as well as the release date. Hopefully, these leaks proved out to be absolutely right.

The Brand new trailer of the borderlands revealed the names of the playable characters including Moze, FL4K, Amara and Zane. These are all the characters you can play in this iconic game.

So, by watching the trailer, we can only imagine how much adventurous the game is going to be!

Borderlands 3 Playable Characters!

1. Moze : Moze is the vivacious GUNNER . She is the female character and uses her Iron Bear as a backup who helps by blowing additional firepower.

2. Amara : Amara is the SIREN, who has the ability to summon ethereal fists and uses her Siren powers to defeat her enemies.

3. FL4K: FL4K is the BEASTMASTER, who lives for hunt.

4. Zane: Zane as the OPERATIVE, who is mastered in the Battlefield and is specialized in any combat and use of the gadgets. He has the ability to create chaos and to hide himself.

Not just the Heros but the villains have also been revealed. The negative characters which you will play against are the Calypso Twins which are also seen in the first trailer. Along with the characters, many new weapons and new enemies were also revealed in the latest trailer. Sn iconic box art is also seen towards the end of the trailer when the ship goes into space.

Borderlands 3 Official Release Date!

The eagerly awaited video game is going to mark its entry during the third quarter of the year i.e. September 13th, 2019. Exactly 5 years after the previous release of the series.

The official site of Borderlands also shows that the game will include the co-op and split screen features. This will allow you to play online in anytime without worrying about your level or progress. You can play with your team, fighting the enemies and looting the rewards.

Price for the Borderlands 3!

The Euro pricing for Xbox and PlayStation 4 is available and the South African pricing has not been revealed yet. We will update it soon. The price distribution for Borderlands is as follows:

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition – €69.99
Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition – €79.98
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition – €99.99
Borderlands 3 Diamond Collector’s Edition – €253.98

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