What Google Knows About You Even If You Don’t Want It

We all are living in the age of Google. We are surrounded by Google in almost every possible way. All the basic application we use on our phone is owned by Google. Or most probably, we are using the Smartphone which is running Android, and that too belongs to Google.

It would not be wrong to say that we are covered in Google from head to toe. This gives a Giant company a power on us, they are basically collecting all information about us through all this application we are using such as YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.

So the real question here is how much Google knows about us and what they do with our data? This is basically a guide which walks you through this process.

How Data Is Collected By Google?

There are basically two types of collection method which Google follows and are as follows:

1. Active Collection:- when consumer upfront provides their details to Google products. Basically, this happens with the permission of the user. You have seen this type of scenario while signing into Gmail or YouTube.

2. Passive Collection:- in this method data is collected behind the user’s back or you can say that they are aware of it. The process takes place in the background without users knowledge with the help of Google Advertising tools etc.

These two methods used by Google had given more power on us. They know about our daily activities and general behavior.

Google Learns About You On Daily Basis

This is a question which must pop in your head right away that how much and what probably google know about us. It has been said in an average day Google collects about Two-thirds of the information via passive medium and you must be wondering how is it even possible? Here is the answer to your how.

1. If you prefer to take a metro or any other ride while going to work Google maps will keep a track of your location. They also use nearby cell towers and wifi access points too.

2. If you have searched for any local news or anything on Google Chrome browser, they will identify your interest through it and then you will receive similar ads regarding your interest.

3. If you listen to Google music, as soon as they recognized your taste same kind of music they start showing

4. They keep a track on Google application that either you are walking, running or using a vehicle.

5. If you use the Google Pay application, it not only has your credentials, it also know where you invest the money, names, and location of the one whom you send the money.

6. Google knows about your emails. The ad we receive on Google is totally targeted depending on our interest.

7. While using YouTube they record our search and watch history then similar kind of stuff starts appearing on your YouTube feed.

8. In android application, Google gets notified when we use a third-party application.

Can You Really Avoid Google

The main sources of collecting information are Google Android and Chrome Browser. The last we checked Google Android has 2 billion active users and they provide personal information of users to Google. While the Browser helps in collecting information both through phones and websites. Google use your interest in you by showing personalized and targeted ads.

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