Here’s How You Can Set Up Free VPN

Wanna get Private Surfing for Free? Here's How.

These days privacy has been a matter of serious concern. With lot of cases of data breach, it has become important to secure your data and one such way to do that is using VPN.

There are free VPNs available in the market and also the paid ones. Free VPNs have various limitations such as low bandwidth, low monthly data allowance and obviously lack of privacy sometimes. But there are some situations where free VPN can be helpful such as you might be somewhere on the airport and your paid VPN subscription has expired. In that case, rather than sending the data on public wi-fi you can download the VPN. Connect the VPN and then send the data.

Select the VPN

The first step would be to choose a suitable VPN on which you can easily trust. You can look at TechRadar’s recommended list which provide the list of free VPNs. I have gone through the list and found that the ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN among the list.  It is a Switzerland based company which provide very good privacy laws. The disclaimer of it shows they do not monitor user activities neither they share data with the third-parties. There are although only 3 servers available and you might sometimes get slower speed, but you will always have unlimited bandwidth which is a very plus point.

Additionally, it provides the basic subscription plan of just $4 per month and you can renew the pack on the monthly basis.

Choose the plan

After choosing the VPN, the next step is to confirm the plan that you choose to opt for your VPN. If you choose to confirm then it will notify the user that you will require to give $0 on monthly basis and only one device can be logged in. And it also provides the information that the location has only three servers reachable.

While if you choose to have a paid subscription, which has a basic plan for 30-day. You will be charged $4 on monthly basis. It will be accessed from two devices and many servers are available in various countries.

Additionally, there is also a plan called “Plus Plan” where will be charged $8 on monthly basis. The VPN can be accessed from five devices and various servers are available for this. To get any plan just click on the plan option and you are ready to go.

Enter Email

The next step of this is to provide the email which will be used for communication. Here proton VPN make sure that any data will not be leaked to third party application. In this step, you will also be asked to accept the terms and condition.

Confirming Email Address

After that you will receive a confirmation email at your email id. The verification code of six digit will be send on the id you will have to provide it in the box or either you could choose the option of sending the SMS. Sending the message will charge you some money.

Configure your Credentials

After the email address confirmation, you have to set the credential which include setting username and password. The password should contain eight characters which would the combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Once this is complete and click on finish.

Download the software

Now you have to download the software. It will be around 14 MB file. After the file is downloaded, install the Proton VPN. By double clicking the setup and following the instructions.

VPN Setup

Get Online Securely

Once the setup is installed, Login to your account. There is an option of seven-day trial. You can use that and save the session for future also.

Lastly, you have to just press the connected button and there you are connected with the VPN.

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