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Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition Issues and Errors On Steam

Earlier this week Gearbox dropped the all new Enhanced version of Borderlands named ‘Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced Edition’. It seems to be quite popular among gamers because of its extraordinary features. This GOTY version seems to be very different from the original Borderlands which was released in 2009. You can see the comparison of both the games in this article.

But we are not here to discuss the perks of games. Recently we heard the news about lots of users are facing trouble while playing Borderlands GOTY. Those who were playing this game complained about some serious issues in the game.

The issue was widely discussed on one of the most famous video game forum platform: Resetera. Some of the users posted the bugs they were facing in the game on the forum to simply confirm it with other and for getting heard. Following are the list of problems faced by the users.

  1. The very disturbing thing which user is facing that the launcher itself detect the GPU, the detected GPU replaces itself as an Integrated CPU graphics and the main thing is users left with no option to change it.
  2. The game doesn’t show the setting selected in the launcher which is quite confusing sometimes.
  3. The game has a default resolution of 1920×1080 at 50 Hz
  4. You are not allowed to choose 60HZ from the main menu. The option won’t appear
  5. The inability of setting the frame rate to unlimited, if you try to do you will be locking it on 60fps it will go back to usual.
  6. While examining the loot you will face the low FPS.
  7. Finally, you will notice the Deteriorating frame rate.

These are the same basic issues users are facing; some of the users on the forum come forward with a solution. Other than this some users discuss the problem which is causing the bugs in the game. it has been rumored that Blind Squirrel can be the reason behind issues. However, this news can be a total hype. One of the users mentioned it on the forum that on Twitter Blind Squirrel Games is directing a page on Borderland Game issues with 2K support. It can be a rivalry between two major gaming companies, but it will be so soon to put blame on anyone.

However, the good news is not every user is facing the issues. Some are enjoying it without any trouble. The very thing which is clear about the game it is the best way to occupy your leisure time. So if you haven’t tried it yet, we will suggest you to try your hands on it. it is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox-one.

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