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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Everything We Know So Far

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S10 already made in a market. Now we are looking forward to their next launch which is already talk of the town: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung has a pattern for launching their Smartphone, they usually launch their ‘S’ series lineup in the starting of the year and end of the year is fixed for Note series. So with the Launch of Samsung Galaxy S10, news regarding Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 is now all over the internet. Yet the phone is very far from launch but different sources started spilling their information. Here we are providing everything what we know about the phone.

What would be the Name:

However, the name of the device is still not fixed it may vary by the time of release. The very basic and obvious reason for name changing is that Samsung already launched its tablet named as Galaxy Note 10.1 seven years ago. So they clearly don’t want any confusion in their product. To avoid conflict and confusion among users chances are high that they will change the name of the device.

The second reason for changing the name of the device could be since they want to try something different from the league. There are lots of phones in Note line so this time they want to try something different other than a Note.  They are thinking of launching a new line this time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pictures 3

Release date of the phone:

It will hit the market in August or September following the release pattern of Samsung.

About the Design:

Since this is the Anniversary of Note series too, Samsung is definitely trying everything to be different, not following the previous devices. So you are definitely going to see changes in it.

For starters, you will see more innovative features in a device such as punch-hole cameras on the front, in-display fingerprint sensors, and triple-lens cameras. There are so many possibilities about the devices such as there will be no other biometric security system in a device. It has been said if the device will have a new infinity Display, you will see the pop-out selfie camera. Rumors are also spreading that there will be no physical buttons in it.

About the specification of the phone:

The device will be packed with all the basic features in it. It will come in two variants such as, at least 8 GB of RAM or 12 GB of RAM. About the camera device will be packed with four rear cameras. The more specification will be clear when the release date come near.

About the price of the phone:

it is said depending on the last release of Note line up the phone is not going to be cheap. So to be very honest, Note 10 will follow the trend and will range somewhere near $1000

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