Turn Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch into a Notification LED Using This App

Its been not long since Samsung dropped its best smartphone at its Anniversary, named Samsung Galaxy S10 along with its variants Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e. These phones are considered the real gem from Samsung. All the three devices are packed with exciting features and it looks like they packed all their energy in making the device likable and acceptable.

But apart from all the efforts makers made in a device, it looks like a device lacks a small and basic feature. There’s no Notification LED in any of this phones. The reason for not providing a notification light is that device is all covered in display there was no room for the notification light.

But seeing the demand of people, a veteran Android developer took responsibility and came up with a solution. Chainfire developer introduces a whole new app named Holey light that turns the Hole punch area of the Galaxy S10 lineup into Notification LED. The space they utilize will be around a camera.

Holey Light App

The holey light application specially designed for notification led purpose on a device. It occupied the area which is next to the camera cut out. The area will light up if only you have a notification in your device, other than this if you don’t have any notification it will trigger the nonexistent led.

Right now the application is limited to only Samsung and to be very specific it is limited to only above three mention Samsung device. The application will automatically crash if you try to use in other devices with a hole punch or cut out camera. The thing which is good about the device is, its totally free and has no ads in it, furthermore it is fully open source application which is licensed under the GPL.

Most of the users have doubt about the working of Holey Light App. So here we are providing you information about how it works. It is mentioned by the makers that application will work completely fine when the screen is on, off and while the phone is charging. However users can face some issues in the application, mentioned by the Chainfire, they stated that sometimes apps fakes the screen being off, so it can cause little trouble to the user.

Since it is not possible to draw animation on the lock screen, it won’t appear there. Currently, it has been brought to our attention that the application will not work during the unplugged mode or when the screen is off. So the focus of the application is keeping your screen awake which will eventually draw a lot of energy and causing your battery to drain. This is not a good sign; unnecessary battery drainage is not acceptable.

Chainfire, on the other hand, assured to provide a perfect solution for all the problems they are facing in it. But it takes time since they are working on it. The app is open application and if you want to try it, it is available.

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