WhatsApp Now Lets You Control Who Can Add You to a Group

Whatsapp is the most popular communicating medium today. It allows you to send text, video, audio message to another person all across the globe. All you need an internet connection. Facebook owned Whatsapp releases an update almost every week, atleast in its Beta version and every updated version brings something new to their user.

We all are aware of the group feature in WhatsApp. Groups are generally a bunch of people added at the same place. It is a more convenient way to send a message to everyone instead of sending one on one. It saves a lot of time but sometimes this group can be annoying and the most disturbing thing. And people don’t even seek user’s permission before adding them on a group.

Sometimes the other person doesn’t want to be a part of a group but he/she left with no option. He /she have to left group after joining it by tapping on Exit the group option.

But here is the good news. Whatsapp has now officially added this most awaited feature in which you now have power over WhatsApp group. It is a privacy feature that allows you to control the add-in features in a group.

To take benefit of this feature all you have to do is go to Whatsapp setting, tap Account option then tap on Privacy and then finally go to Group menu. Here you will find three options which are Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody.

In the option everyone, everyone in your contact list can add you into the WhatsApp groups. Meanwhile, option My contacts allows only certain people to add you to a group. Certain people will be those whom you have saved in your contact list.. While in Nobody option no people are allowed to add you in a group without your concern.

However, they can send you the link as an invitation to join  a group and it’s up to you whether you want to accept that group invite or not. The invite link has time period it will be only valid for 72 hours and after that, it will expire eventually.

This feature is a big relief for users and it will be available in the next possible update of WhatsApp. However, it starts rolling out is some of the phones and it is confirmed by officials that within next week it will be available in all phones all across the globe. If you haven’t checked the latest version of WhatsApp check it out.

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