How to Use John Legend Voice in Google Assistant

Google Assistant tried something new with its voice process. If you are bored with the standard Google Assistant voice, now you can change it to new voice. Yes, that’s correct. Google now allows you make your Google Assistant sound like John Legend. Who wouldn’t want his/her assistant sound like John Legend. So here we will walk you through the process of how you can do it right away.

The very first question which will pop in your mind that how to enable the john legend voice in your phone or how to replace the standard voice?

At Google I/O 2018, Google Assistant was successful in grabbing users attention and they also earned people trust. The main focus was on how to smoothly connect with the user on a day to day basis. The company also promised to give 6 whole new voices to their user. You must be wondering about who is going to be your next Google Assistant voice.

The news was breathtaking to most of the user when they heard about John legend. However, there was a rumor about this. It took time to become real, but it is happening finally.

It is confirmed by Google that the John legend will only be available as a cameo. The reason for this is because he has recorded an only limited question which one can possibly ask on Google Assistant. It is quite understandable that it took a whole amount of time to record every possible question. So those who are thinking that they can rid off a standard voice that days are yet to come, but right now you have to be patient because all typical question would be answered by it.

About the question, it would be basic like Are you seriously John legend? What’s your favorite music type? What’s the temperature? And many more. Instructions about Serenade will also be available in legend’s voice.

How to Set John Legend as Google Assistant:

There are two ways to set John Legend’s voice in Google Assistant. The first method is very simple in which you can simply ask Google to talk like a John Legend. The second methods required little efforts, visit setting then select Assistant Voice and there you can select John Legend voice. The voice is currently available in the US and it is available only in English.

Google Assistant John Legend

It is possible that Google can ask many more Celebrities to join the league. So in coming months, you can see much more celebrity voice feature in your Google Assistant. This is something new and different thing by Google. So we can assure you, you will see the changes in the coming month. But right now John legends fans are happy with this novelty. It will be quite interesting to notice the reaction of users on this new feature and what kind of question people will ask.

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