Should You Buy PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions Or Not

It’s always been a pleasure to notice any huge up-gradation in ongoing success to make it last longer. Something like this happened a week ago when Tencent, the developer of Game PUBG which is a huge success all across globe, launched a new feature in the game.  They found out another way to earn more from a game.

PUBG recently launched Prime and Prime Plus Subscription as they promised to their fans. It is available on both iOS and Android. So here we have brought you some deep details about PUBG Prime and Prime Plus subscription so that can be easy for you to decide whether you want it or not.

First, let us clear air about the Prime and Prime Plus subscription, you must be wondering what it is?

PUBG Prime subscription will allow you to collect 5 Unknown cash Points on a daily basis and it will be available for one month only. So it will give you 150 UC points by the end of a month. Other than this you can also earn Battle Points which you can use later to buy specific in-game items. However, these points are for a limited period.

Unlike Prime, in Prime Plus you get 20 UC points which bring to a total of 600 UC by the end of the month. It also allows you to collect Battle points like Prime which you can use later. It offers you Royale Points too. The catch here is it all would be available for a limited period of time.

PUBG Mobile Prime

Price for PUBG Prime and Prime Plus

As you know it is available on both Android and iOS. For Android device, Prime subscription will cost Rs 85 a month while a Prime plus subscription will cost Rs 400 for the first month, then it will cost you Rs 850.

On iOS device, a Prime subscription will be Rs 79 a month; while a Prime Plus for the first month will be Rs 419 then it will be Rs 799 for subsequent months. In prime plus subscription, you will get a 50% Discount for the first Classic Crate lottery.

The suggestion we would like to give is collect your UC and BP points on a daily basis for a month until it is free. After that, you will be going to charge eventually.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus

Difference between Prime and Prime plus Subscription

As of now, we can say that the Prime subscription is limited while Prime Plus has access to many special features. In Plus subscription you will get more UC Points on a daily basis other than this you can also collect BP (Battle Points) and RP (Royale Points).

It has been rumored that soon the makers will add an option to convert your BP points into UC; however, it is not confirmed yet. This new feature is going through some test so it will take time to add in the game.

It’s been a week to this new feature; it will be quite interesting to notice the reactions of the fan on it.

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