Foldable Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Looks Amazing in These Renders

We have already seen the hysteria around Samsung Galaxy Fold which will mark its entry in the market on 3rd May this year and is the first ever foldable phone. But, now it seems like the South Korean tech giant is not going stop here!

As per the reports, Samsung could feature a foldable screen in its next flagship model which is none other than Samsung Galaxy Note 10. A set of renders has been brought up by the blog LetsGoDigital and are based upon the Samsung’s foldable designs collected by the blog.

These renders depicts Galaxy Note 10 with a two-way foldable screen unlike the Galaxy Fold. The screen looks like a double door that can be folded on either side. This will gradually expand the screen size. The screen uses two hinges for this purpose unlike the Samsung Galaxy fold. You could open up both hinges to enjoy a huge spacious display.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Note 10_Render3

The rumours around the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are not going to stop any time until the actual release of the phone. We already had hard to swallow pills by the Samsung to feature 4 cameras, multiple variants and what not in the upcoming Galaxy Note 10. And these renders are above all!!!

This is indeed a big step taken by Samsung to experiment such a big change in its top-selling device. Meanwhile it could be a smart tactic played by the company to sit at the top position in the market. It seems like Samsung is working really hard to compete against its tech rivals like Xiaomi and Huawei, which are currently ruling the Smartphone arena.

We have already seen a similar concept for Xiaomi Mi Fold, on the other hand Huawei is planning to have 50% of its devices to have the foldable features by the year 2024.

Will Samsung achieve the success in impressing its users? We cannot really answer this question at the moment. It could be hit or miss but one thing is for sure, Samsung has definitely increased the excitement level of all the Smartphone users out there.

The hopes are high but this is not the first time we are overhearing such big claims. Back in 2013, We have already witnessed the rise and fall of the Project Ara, which was claimed to be the future of smartphones but failed to impress the users.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Note 10_Render2

The foldable devices are yet to rock the shelves in the market, till than we can only make assumptions and hope for the best.

Only if you don’t know, Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available on sale from next month i.e. 3rd May 2019. The pre orders will start from 26th April and you can place your orders at Samsung Online Shop or the Samsung Experience store.

So, this is all about Galaxy Note 10 as of now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hopes high till the official release of the device.

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