Anno 1800 Save Game Location

Anno 1800 is the latest episode of Anno series launched by Ubisoft for PCs. The game is accessible via Steam so far, but from tomorrow, i.e. April 16th, it will be no longer available on Steam. However, who have bought the game on Steam, will continue to play it right there and will also get all updates and DLC.

Talking about the game, Anno 1800 is based in 19th Century, industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery. You can be huge part of Industrial Revolution with your skills. This is the time to show if your an innovator or an exploiter. Make the world know you the way you want to. In this classic gameplay, you get to create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, settle an exotic new continent, send out expeditions around the globe, and dominate their opponents by diplomacy, trade, or warfare. The game is full of fun and challenges.

Ubisoft has created the game with new features compared to all previous Anno series. You can now send a crew of experts around the globe in search for fame and fortune. Your empire can be spread from Europe to South America. Anno 1800 is a Fun.

Now, since we know Anno 1800 comes with Auto Save feature, you just cannot Save the game manually. As of now, there’s no way. If you know any way, please share here. However, if you are looking for the Anno 1800 Save Game Location, here it is:

On Steam:


On Windows 7/10:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Anno 1800\

If you need any more help with the game, we have also posted Anno 1800  +10 Trainer and a Troubleshooting Guide.

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