Everything about PlayStation 5: Release Date, Price, Leaks, Featured Games and More

Here is everything you need to know about PS5 (PlayStation 5).

The successor of PlayStation 4 i.e. Sony PS5 or PlayStation 5 has gained enough online tract these days because of its leaked release date, features, price and the games. So, if you are a fan of PlayStation and want to know more then, keep reading, we have got so much to tell you!!

PlayStation 5 Release date and Price?

If you know, we have already came across the PS5 release date reports last year, when a European developer who claimed to be working on a PS5 game, posted a file on Pastebin anonymously. The same reports now can be seen revolving online. As per the reports, the PlayStation 5 will mark its entry either in March or November of the next year i.e. 2024.

Now, coming to the price of PlayStation 5, it is claimed to be cost around $499 which is nearly Rs. 35,000.

Another claim by the report says that the PlayStation 5 will come along a regular Plus and PS Plus Premium subscriptions. The members of the Premium PS Plus Subscription will get a chance to create private servers and play early access of the games. The reports also suggest that the PS5, will be backward compatible with its predecessor i.e. PS4 or simply PlayStation 4.

Leaked features of PlayStation 5

The reports alleges that the next gaming console from Sony will be powered by a 7nm Ryzen 8 Core CPU, 7nm Navi architecture 14TF GPU and 24GB of GDDR6 RAM – which is great! PS5 will also come along a hard drive with capacity of 2TB and some kind of NAND flash and meanwhile 8K scaling is also expected.

Featured Games for PlayStation 5

Finally, let’s talk about the most important as well as exciting part of the PS5 launch, the games that will be included.  As per the reports, the PS5 has planned to feature a PUBG Remaster (4K free to play with PS Plus subscription), Gran Turismo 7, Battlefield Bad Company and many more.

Here is the list of the games that will be included in the PS5 :

  • Last of Us: Part II remaster
  • Ghost of Tsushima remaster
  • Battlefield Bad Company 3
  • Harry Potter
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • PUBG remaster

As per the report, GTA 6 may be available exclusively for a month on PS5 and will also have two big cities including New York and Miami. Also, the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 may be available later in the next of PS5 release i.e. 2024.

However, these are not the final reports, so take it with a tonne of salt.

Another claim says that the PlayStation VR 2 may also come alongside the PS5. It is reported to include features like a huge resolution of 2560×1440, 120Hz, 220 field of view, eye tracking and wireless capabilities. Other features include is a decent battery life of four to five hours and integrated headphones. VR 2 will be priced around $250 which is nearly.  17,350.

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