How to Use Keyword and Mouse With PlayStation 4

Have you ever wondered connecting a mouse and a keyboard to your Sony PlayStation 4 console? I guess not many of few! If you are not even aware about such possibility, then this article is absolutely for you. In this guide we will be telling you about how to connect your PS4 with the keyboard and a mouse that you already have.

If you are wondering that you might require some extra hardware to do that then you are wrong. There is no such requirement of any extra hardware/software to connect your PS4 and the mouse and keyboard. This is quite interesting and simple to do.

I guess everyone right here understands the need of using keyboard and mouse. Ever played with Dualshock 4 controller?  If yes, then you know how difficult it is to send text message to your friend without the keyboard. Texting during the gaming session has become a very crucial and common phenomenon these days. So, it is important to have a keyboard and mouse with your PS4.

Secondly, both of these devices help in navigating through the console in a faster, better and more proper manner. And in fact, these days there are a lot of games that support the keyboard and mouse, they constantly have things on their screen which makes it difficult to manage things using the controller. So, having a keyboard and a mouse makes it better. I hope now you have completely understood the crucial role of keyboard and mouse while playing, even on Consoles.

Steps to connect Keyboard and Mouse to a PS4:

Going further we have this question of how to connect these devices.

PS4 actually supports external hardware in 3 different ways, via USB, Wirelessly as well as with Bluetooth. And they all are pretty simple, right? Since PS4 supports Bluetooth so you can connect any of the keyboard to your PS4 by just setting up your Bluetooth on.

If you are using wired USB, then all you need to is connect your keyboard to the USB port in the front of your PS4 console. The point from where you charge the gaming controllers. Once you are connected with the keyboard, you will be asked to choose the profile through which the keyboard will be connected to. Provide the details. And you are there to use the mouse and keyboard

Now, is you are connecting via Bluetooth, of course you got to pair the external devices. Here’s how you do that:

Go to PS4 settings, and then move to Devices and then Bluetooth devices. The console will look for the nearby devices. Once your mouse/keyboard is discovered then pair the device by clicking ‘pairing’ option. Once pairing is done. You will be asked to choose the profile. You are ready to use it now.

Additionally, if you want to change the setting of your mouse or keyboard due to any reason then all you need to do is:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search “Devices”.
  • Look for ‘External Keyboard/mouse’ and change the setting as you want.

That’s it. If you need anymore help with this, use the comments box below. We are happy to Help.

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