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WhatsApp Lets You Protect Chats With Screen Lock Feature: Here’s How to Activate

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging platform these days. People all across the globe use Whatsapp tp send media, audio, group chats, and lots more. The Facebook owned app tries to improve itself almost every week with a new feature. Initially, it had limited feature sending texts, multimedia messages but with time we did saw a lot of productive changes. The feature which is grabbing user’s attention is its security features. Recently the application launched its update in which they assured to provide better security.

If you are the one who is constantly afraid of your private chats security then you don’t have to worry about it. In case if you left your phone unattended for an hour or you forgot to lock the phone then this new WhatsApp security feature will take care of it.

The company added different features like touch id or face id feature which will use as a basic security feature. However it is not compatible in every phone, only iOS users can take advantage of it, atleast as of now. It will take a little time to reach Android users.

This feature is no different from the regular App lock we use in our phone, the only difference is, it will protect the particular chat by allowing only face or fingerprint gesture for it.

As we stated above this feature is only available in iOS now and to be very specific: for those who are using iPhone X and any device from iPhone X family, you are eligible for Face Id option.

For the older version of the iPhone, users are allowed only for Touch Id option.

Many users have doubt about this new feature, so here we are clearing the air. This feature is not allowed to hide messages from the notification panel. Clearly, it won’t disturb your system setting if you are the one who loves to answer their messages from notification panel. It still depends on your system setting.

How to activate the WhatsApp Face ID/Touch ID feature in your iPhone:

  • The very first thing to do is open your WhatsApp
  • After that visit Setting
  • In Setting, Go to account option
  • Then select the Privacy feature there.
  • There you will notice the security Feature, tap on it
  • You have to select screen lock feature there
  • In screen lock feature it will further ask for the touch id or face id. It’s up to you which feature you wanted. The feature will allow you time duration of 15 or an hour to activate it.
  • After setting your face id or touch id, the process is completed. Next time when you have to unlock your phone you have to use this feature.

This is the simple process to activate this new feature in your device. If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it.

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