iOS 13 Expected Features: Dark Mode, Undo Gesture, New Multitasking and More

With the beta release date just around the corner, there are a lot of talks and leaks about the big iOS 13.

According to a latest report, iOS 13 is expected to bring several new features such as Dark Mode, improved multitasking and easier-to-access undo Gestures. Along with these long awaited features, we have also heard that there will be a new volume slider UI which is a long-overdue change for iPhone owners.

We can expect some major reveals in Apple’s WWDC 2019 on June 3rd. Hopefully we can assume that iOS 13 will have everything that Apple didn’t brought in iOS 12 and iOS 12.2 which are long-overdue. There will be whole new UI and designs and loads of useful features to make navigation easier for iOS users.

As per the report, there is going to be a Dark Mode along with a high contrast version similar to the macOS. Moreover, all the iPad apps that run on Mac will also have the advantage of Dark Mode feature on both systems.

iOS 13 will also bring improved multitasking for iPad users. These include multiple windows and stackable card support. There will also be brand new gestures. Similar to the “PanelKit” project, the window can have sheets that are attached in a part of screen, can be de attached easily with the drag gesture, just like cards. These cards will be stackable, which means you can stack them on the each other’s top. This will use a depth effect to differentiate which card is on the top and which is on bottom.

The most amazing feature iOS 13 will bring is the redesigned volume HUD which will be far better than the current one. This gesture will work by a three-finger tap on the keyword area and then the user can swipe left or right for undo/redo actions.

Also, iOS 13 will enable the users to select multiple items in table and collection views. This can be done by dragging multiple fingers on the list of items to draw a selection. This is similar to clicking and dragging in Finder on the MacOS.

As per the reports, Apple is also working for better Mail app. It will now categorize the mail into different categories like marketing, purchases, travel, not important and many others. The Mail app will also include a “read later” option.

Report further adds that the Safari for iOS 13 will automatically ask for the desktop version of websites the user will visit. We can also expect improvements in Font management with iOS 13.

According to the 9to5Mac, the iOS users can also expect many other changes like a redesigned Reminders app that will extend to mac, Siri for rejecting ambient noises, improved multilingual support for keyboard and also improved in-app printing controls.

So, this was all we have until now. We will surely update any more information regarding iOS 13 soon.

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