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Mortal Kombat 11: How to Perform Fatal Blows

When it comes to Mortal Kombat, its all about brutality and fatalities. The same carries with the newest Mortal Kombat 11 too. And in this new installment, developers have also added a new feature called Fatal Blows. As the name suggested it is a most disrupting feature of the game.

For starters let’s understand what’s Fatal Blows and what it does?

If you have played any earlier game of Mortal Kombat, you must have noticed the standard attacks in the game. The thing about fatal blows is, it causes major damage in a critical time. Fatal blows are all about timing. It attacks your opponent at the time of crises like if your opponents have a lower energy level, below 30%, then it gets charged leaving the opponent in total surprise.

Fatal blows can be used only once in a game so better be careful, wait for the right moment to activate it. After every successful fatal blow triggering, the player must have to wait for its character to cool down.

What is the Right Time to perform Fatal Blows ?

As we already mentioned above, the perfect moment to activate it is when your opponent is on its low. When the health bar of the enemy is below 30%, in this critical moment it will cause major damage and chances of you winning is higher.

How to do Fatal Blows?

This is also something which one should learn because amateur method won’t work here. As you got only one chance in a game to use it, use it precisely.

Fatal blows once activated, perform several attacks on your opponents leaving them in awe. To activate fatal blows you have to pull both left and right trigger of the controller both at the same time. If it is activated you will hear a loud noise in the game.

Now the real question is how one should know about activating fatal blows? So the answer is, an alert will appear below your health status bar in the screen.

Makers have to keep in mind the side of opponent too by providing a blocking feature. In Blocking feature once the fatal blows activated, opponents have a sufficient time to block it. If the move of yours gets blocked then you can use it again but after a certain time.

It is best suggested to use fatal blows only and only if you have a sure chance of winning the game. If you don’t have any chance of winning the game, then save it for next round.

To block fatal blows, it is suggested to try jumping and other different combos, distance yourself from the enemy and try long and short range attacks. This will give you a better chance to block fatal blows.

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