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iTunes is a popular media manager. It is used to manage media files of Apple products. Those who are using this software will be facing a very common issue of duplicate files. What if you are having around thousands of songs in your media library and you are not able to get rid of duplicates files. For that purpose you can go with a simple and amazing software called as Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper 4 works by quickly removing duplicates file from iTunes. This tool only work for iTunes and it comes for multiple platforms. The tool has simple UI. If you are very annoying with many duplicates song and they keep on getting copied in your device then download Tune Sweeper and test it.

A trail edition can help you understand how it actually works. Before having Tune Sweeper my process to clean iTunes library was manually. It is hard to locate the files and then delete them one by one. There are chances that you might delete your actual video. I bought an mp3 cd from a store which was having a pack of 150 songs. Then I bought another one with different genre. There were around 20 similar songs in them. I imported them in iTunes. By default you have only one option is to sort by name. But different type of disc use different way of arranging audio files. Some do that through numbers while some do that through name or tagging. To remove duplicates you have to click them, play them and then delete it. Then I got Tune Sweeper. I ran the tool and it provided me all the duplicate songs instantly. My entire library was sorted automatically.

Tune Sweeper

There are many benefits of having this software. Like the first is to remove duplicate songs from the iTunes library. Second if there are any missing artwork related to a album or song, Tune Sweeper will update that. You don’t have to do those things manually. Sometime iTunes has a database of old songs. This songs can be deleted or moved. But still iTunes will not remove them. They will be in the library. Tune Sweeper can detect those listing and remove them. A more cleaner library. And sometime iTunes fails to list a few songs due to its location. By running Tune Sweeper you can get them on the list. Another great feature of this tool is that it is representation of iTunes library in graphical format. This gives you more information about the songs in the software. Tune Sweeper is a saver software. It will save your time and it will help you to manage your iTunes more effectively compare to any other tool.

UI and Features:

Tune Sweeper is available for Windows and Mac. It has a very simple interface to use. It does not comes with unwanted things that you don’t want. When you launch the tool at the top right you have two buttons to use. The first is Duplicate and the second one is Missing. If you want to locate duplicate files in your iTunes just click on that. The tool will take a few minutes to scan your iTunes library and will update you. You can then choose what to delete and what to add. The tool identify duplicate files on the basis of Artist, Album, Track and Time Difference. You can apply this filters manually. And find the songs. Tune Sweeper will help you to make your iTunes Library more organized and clean.

Tune Sweeper Duplicate finder

With minimum feature it works well on any system. It does not really need a very high ram. It is lightweight and it works fast. Once you are done with scanning thing you get a tick mark ahead of every song. You can add tick and remove multiple songs at the same time and then remove them. The information will updated in your iTunes Library. In the same way when you click on missing, the tool wills can your iTunes library to find the missing songs and you can remove them to get rid of annoying iTunes error. The app also give you multiple language support.

The setup process is minimal. It takes less time to install and the tool is ready instantly for the usage. There are few other apps in the market which gives you more option than Tune Sweeper, but you won’t really need them. Tune Sweeper brings a backup button also. You can back up the songs library and keep them safe for future usage. You can also protect your the library. After running Tune Sweeper I am quite sure your frustrating level will be really low at the time of syncing media files in your iPod. It has a simple  menu. You just have to choose what you want to do. Like if you want to fix missing tracks then you have to click on that. Or else you can click on Fix Track. This is also a great way to fixing missing things.

Tune Sweeper itunes stats

The app is limited to some feature. But it is helpful. Along with many positive things the app bring out few disadvantages. And they are minor. Like compare to the other competitive apps in the market this one gets a bit outdated. If you are looking for many advance options then you have to checkout other apps also. For example this app can give you track details but it cannot give you the lyrics. Many apps that I had seen before this have this option. Even the media player has the option.  The app can locate missing apps but it cannot replace it. It will be deleted in the library. If you want that song then you have to re-download it. And add in the library. This one is a big disadvantage here. Sometime you might want to have your favorite old song back, but the app cannot locate it.


Tune Sweeper is a handy tool for cleaning and organizing iTunes. It is simple to use. The app is fast and reacts instantly when you start scanning. Even if you are having a very large database of songs this app will still works more effectively. It is fast enough to detect missing files and give you the list on the screen. The application gets limited due to some features. But still it is easy to use. The app allow you to get instant track details based on the songs you have in your system. If you are looking for some help to clean up your iTunes, then Tune Sweeper can help. I am expecting some more features in this software in its upcoming software updates.

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  1. Its crap. Ran for 4 hours to locate missing tags and fixed maybe 10% of missing. Never did finish complete library even after 4 runs of 2 to 4 hours each. Example was Beatles songs – fixed maybe 10 of 40. pathetic!
    Also no way to limit search to a set group of songs so searches complete library every time.

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