Here’s How You Can Use Facebook Messenger without Facebook Account

We all are very well aware of the Facebook Messenger. Those who don’t know about it let me tell you it is the medium which helps in interacting with other users on Facebook or you can say that with the help of messenger you can receive or send all the messages on Facebook, Unlike a Facebook app, messenger function is solely limited to chatting purpose.

Earlier when the application was introduced, a lot of users found its usage difficult. They found it irritating and hectic as Facebook made it compulsory to install the application for sending or receiving messages. Without this application you can’t look over the messages you had received on Facebook.

Before the introduction of this application, facebook was quite simple. All the functions took place in one place. You don’t have to rush to the second application which was easy and instant for a lot of users. This is the main reason why most of the people start hating Facebook Messenger at first.

But now, what if say, you dont need to have a Facebook account for using Facebook Messenger?

However the messenger application was launched with the purpose of serving facebook application but with updates in application, they made a major drastic change in the application too.

The real question here is what the use of facebook messenger when everybody is totally dependent on WhatsApp application. So the answer is quite easy and simple. Lots of users don’t find WhatsApp convenient with strange people and they feel comfortable in using the Facebook messenger app. So keeping in mind the need of users, Facebook decided to give freedom to its messenger application by allowing it to use as a simple chat messenger with or without facebook.

So here we are going to tell you how to use facebook messenger without facebook. The procedure for this is quite simple and easy, and you don’t have to put extra efforts into it. All you have to do is follow below-mentioned steps:

  • The very first thing to do is go and download facebook messenger application from play store if you are an android user or for iPhone users visit Apple store
  • Install the application and click on create a new account using your Mobile Number
  • Later the application will ask for certain permission, all you have to do is simply allow it.
  • After that mention your phone number which you want to use and further click next
  • Set a strong password using alphanumeric codes, letters numbers, etc. Password should be confidential.
  • Enter the username which you want to use and click next
  • Click on the create account .after that, it will send a verification code on your number which you entered earlier, after entering that you have successfully created your account.

The above-mentioned procedure is for using Facebook messenger as a chat application. If you are interested in using that and you haven’t tried it yet go and check it out.

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