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Rage 2: 10 Important Tips You Must Know Before Playing

Rage 2 was launched earlier this week and people all across the globe are talking about the game. Without spoiling the game for you here we are helping you to know it better. Basically, this is the guide for someone who is going to try the game for the first time. So the things you should know before diving yourself in the madness of Rage 2. Here specifically we are going to discuss 10 important tips one should know. Once you understand it, no doubt you will ace it like a warrior.

  • The very first thing, you will explore a lot of option and it will open the door for new stuff. So don’t be afraid of wandering in the game. The game is all about going off track and revealing the new stuff.
  • The next thing which we would like to recommend you is to purchase schematics on a regular basis as it will unlock new crafting tiers. With updates, you will see a whole new level of stuff there. So the suggestion is to buy schematics to unlock crafting tiers.
  • A lot of users in the game don’t pay the required attention to specialty weapon. Specialty weapon treated lightly in the game. So our suggestion is to not ignore this weapon. Specialty weapon here we are talking about is firestarter pistol. This pistol is s major savior in group attacks. It is easy to use.
  • Stay connected in the game as it will open the door to rewards. NPCs in the game have something to say about location or mission. So we would like to suggest you be Connected and remain active.
  • If you observe the guys with a helmet in the game, we would suggest you to not waste time by trying headshot. Instead, go for the torso.
  • To get permanent upgrades of the health resources it is suggested to visit the wellspring. Health benefits are essential as it is the one which will keep you alive and healthy in game.
  • People misunderstood the game by not looking for the stuff which is needed most in the game. So it is suggested to prioritize your search. Look for the weapons which are going to help you in the game. Look for ARKs in game.
  • Don’t forget the side missions as they are key to unlock major things in the game. The main three characters that unlock the primary project are with the help of side missions.
  • It is recommended to be very well aware of the key which you will probably use in a game like Ctrl+F, Ctrl+Spacebar, etc. Every key has a specific function. Very well aware of the key will make the game easy for you.
  • The game has an option to repair your damaged car which is exciting. So in case of emergency try this feature out. It will surely be helpful for you.
  • Some of the gamers will find Rage 2 complex in opening hours or you can say in difficulty mode but once you come to know about the mode, you will see upgrades for guns and everything. Basically this mode is a real test for gamers as it put them through the challenge.

These were the essential 10 tips for every Rage 2 starter gamer.

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