How to Easily Remove Blu-ray Region Code

You must have heard about Blu-ray at some point in life. But the main reason for discussion here is sometimes it has been pointed out by various users about the Blu-ray regional problem. To be very clear Blu-Ray discs have a regional issue, by regional issue we meant it doesn’t work in other regions out of its zone or the content of disc won’t play there. Location is a must for a disc to work.

This is the problem which is faced by users and they are looking for a solution. If you are the one facing the same issues then you are at right place. Here we are going to discuss the solution to remove Blu-ray region code so that it will work fine in any corner of the world.

The regions which we are talking about is mentioned below

  • USA, Canada
  • South East Asia
  • Europe, Near East, South Africa, Japan
  • China
  • Australia, Central America, and South America
  • Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe

Basically, if you heard about the multi-region Dvd player whose main function is to provide working all across the globe. So it provides us the certainty of working. It will finally work in all regions.

However, if you want to use Blu-ray program in your laptop then you have to follow a certain pattern. The thing which we would like to suggest if use of playback program which allows selecting the region before playing. However other than this, there are certain programs also available that copy the blue ray disc and the regional block issue.

Below we are going to discuss the steps to remove the regional issue.Before jumping on the process we would recommend you to download the software which is specially designed for this particular function. The program is Blu-Ray Region Code Remover

Under this, you will find certain options

  • First thing first goes to the option Blu-Ray selection. It is green in color and under this option; you will find the option to remove regional protection code.
  • The next option you should scroll is Region selection option. You will see the fuchsia box, click on it, all the Blu-ray disc belongs here. You will find the region on the case
  • You will see the red box to start the regional protection

The process is quite simple and everybody can do it. So if you are the one facing the issue go and check it out the solution discussed by us.

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